Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil Primer (Ozone) Review

For today I will be reviewing +Urban Decay Cosmetics`s lip primer pencil in Ozone. I am going to be honest when I first got this product I did not know that lip primers existed or what they were for. Okay yes I know how can a beauty blogger not know lip primers existed???!!! Well I first got the primer about one year ago. You can agree with me when I say in one year a person can learn a lot about something if there is passion behind the curiosity. That`s kind of what happened with me. I`ve really been focusing more on makeup in the past year than ever before. And I`ve learned a lot too.

This primer is meant to fill in lines, prevent feathering and to fix mistakes. It is made with vitamin E, jojoba oil and cottonseed oil to nourish lips. This is a long lasting, waterproof formula that is meant to feel creamy and it never feels cakey or dry. It is also meant to glide on smoothly while grabbing onto the color to make it last longer. I have a sample of the primer which is worth $18. Crazy price but then again it is Urban Decay. And the full size primer is worth $24.

Alright, so first thing I want to let all of you know is that I completely hate the packaging! It is the first UD lip product that I own and if their other lip products have the same packaging then I will not buy those products. It is incredibly hard to sharpen and I would have preferred if it was a twist up lip primer. The primer doesn't have a scent to it which I find weird seeing as how it has all those ingredients.

One thing I can say is that the primer does not do everything that it claims to do. When applying the primer it does feel cakey, it feels more thicker than a lipstick. And it does dry out my lips a bit. However, for all the other stuff it does work quite well. The primer works for both lip glosses and lipsticks. If I have a sticky and slippery lip gloss I know I can use this to make sure it doesn't budge. However, I did notice that the primer changes the look of lipstick.

Without the use of the primer as you can see below my lipstick has a shine to it and you can see the lines in my lips. However, using the primer my lipstick turned matte and is much better looking. Plus the lines on my lips are not noticeable.

Now for the rating! I am going to give this primer 3 stars on 5. I love that I don't have to worry about my lipstick feathering out because I love wearing dark colors on my lips. It works well and it fills in the lines on my lips. However, I completely hate the packaging and it dries out my lips. Otherwise, I like it.

***(Does not test on animals 👍)***