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Heroes: T.V Show Review

Now I know all of you are gonna say Amanda, Heroes have been off air for 4 years now! Well yeah I know that but one thing I love to do is wait until a TV series is done just so I can watch all the seasons at once. And that's what I did with Heroes. Although, I do have to agree waiting for 4 years to finally watch it is pushing it. But off to the series itself.

Heroes is about ordinary people with not so ordinary abilities from healing, to flying, to super speed and everything else in between. This series was in many ways incredible and many ways disappointing.
Incredible because you get to see people with incredible powers and abilities trying to handle them, find love with them, and some of the adventures that they had was simply great and awesome. I loved the different story lines that they had. The whole Prima-tech cover up was awesome and seeing Claire's dad being total Rambo was cool. And I also loved that the series expanded into different time periods. 
Heroes was disa…

The interview: movie review

First of all, this movie was EPIC!!!! Honestly, one of the funniest movies I've seen this year.

So the character of James Franco (Dave Skylark) is going to be interviewing the dictator of North Korea; Kim Jong Un. But then the CIA want Dave to take out the dictator but it didn't really end up that way.

Can I just say that this movie was beyond hilarious! I mean I was dying of laughter. With Eminem saying he was gay to Seth Rogen's character having to put a missile up his butt to keep from being found out. Yeah, it was funny from start to finish. 

Also, I found that throughout the movie James looked a lot like his younger brother Dave. I mean even their facial expressions are a like. 

I understand that the movie was not released in the states because of threats from North Korea but this movie is poking fun at a tough situation that has been preoccupying the whole world. And this was a funny movie. I loved how the movie turned out and even if it wasn't released in the states…

This is the end: Movie Review

Can I just start by saying that this movie was beyond hilarious! This is the end had some of my favorite actors in the whole world! Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Michael Cera just naming a few. And oh my goodness do these guys know how to put on a show.

So first off Jay meets up with Seth for the two of them to hang out and do guy stuff with each other but then Seth suggests to go to James Franco's party. They both go and Jay is not so chummy chummy with Seth's friends; Jonah and James. Jay and Seth both go to a corner store but then there are earthquakes and blue light comes shooting down from the sky taking people up (almost like an alien abduction). Really insane!!! Then they go back to the party and all the celebrities had no clue what they were talking about.
Fast forwarding apparently it is an apocalypse but really the rapture and all the guys have to find a way to survive through it.
Well guys I really loved this movie and it's funny that…

The Other Woman: Movie Review

New York lawyer Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) has strict rules when it comes to relationships, however, she falls for Mr. Mark King. When going to surprise him at his home. she finds out that he is married and has a devoted wife named Kate (Leslie Mann). Carly and Kate work to direct their anger at Mark when they discover a third woman (Kate Upton). However, all three of these woman work together to seek their revenge. 

The movie was okay. Now that I think back on it,  there was nothing too special about it. A few comments I have to give are wow Nicki Minja's voice is SOOO annoying. But like sooooo annoying and nasally. I loved watching her but she needs to work on her voice. And can we take a minute  to praise Kate Upton???!!! She was amazing! And oh my goodness she is so gorgeous!!! When I first saw the trailer I thought to myself "Oh great! Another model trying to think she can act" but I actually liked her work in this production. 

One thing I do have to mention…

Ouija (Movie Review)

Finally bit the bullet and watched it. Wow hahah I can personally assure every single one of you that the movie was by no means scary! Really NOT that scary. I'm the kinda gal who loves scary/horror movies. Why? Well because I love getting scared and I get scared easily. Which should give you a clue that it wasn't that frightening.

The movie is about this girl Debbie who "committed" suicide. Now in quotation marks because she didn't kill herself. Her bestie or she was her bestie Lane is trying to unravel this little mystery plot. The weird part about it all Debbie had a thing for Ouija boards. Kinda weird if you ask me but people can like what they wanna like. 
Not trying to give the whole movie away but Lane tries to communicate with Debbie and instead finds out it wasn't Debbie she was talking to. So long story short her friends start dying, she seeks help from a woman which by the way was the same woman who played in insidious. Umm coincidence? I think no…