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Probelle: The Texture Collection (Review)

(((I received the whole texture collection from Probelle to review.)))

The textured collection from +Probelle Beauty contains a unique pigmented formula allowing the nail polish to dry with a textured finish. Apparently, the pigments in the formulation allow for a longer lasting manicure and it does not need a top coat. You do, however, need to use a base coat for the polish to adhere to. There are 10 nail polishes in this collection and each polish costs $7. The collection includes the following colours;

Textured Hot Pink (0311)Textured Light Pink (0312)Textured Purple (0407)Textured Dark Blue (0506)Textured Light Green (904) Textured Dark Green (0905)Textured Turquoise (1002)Textured Yellow (1104) Textured Black (1202) What I do seem to find strange is the fact that no where on Probelle's website does it state what type or the information packet that they sent me states what type of texture these polishes leave on the nails. Unless the world has changed there are more than one t…