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Ouija: Origin Of Evil (Movie Review)

(((((Please be warned there are spoilers)))))
Movie Summary: In 1960's California, a fake medium's daughter tries to communicate with her late father through a Ouija board, but unleashes a demon instead. This movie is the prequel of the movie Ouija which I have already reviewed. The review for the movie Ouija is here.
In the movie we are introduced to the Zander family. The widowed mother Alice and her two daughters Paulina and Doris. Due to losing her husband, Alice becomes the sole provider for her family and to earn some sort of income she performs séances to help her clients get closure from their passed loved ones. She makes money off of scamming people and she uses both her daughters to do it. Personally, I think it's really fucked up to exploit someone's pain and grief to make a few quick bucks. But using her own logic, through deceit she is able to provide some sort of comfort and closure.
It does not take too long for Alice to incorporate the popular board ga…