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Fifty Shades of Grey: Movie Review

((((This review contains spoilers...You have been warned)))

Anastasia Steele is a Senior college student who is stuck interviewing businessman Christian Grey when her room-mate fails ill. The enigmatic, rich and powerful Mr.Grey finds himself strangely drawn to Anastasia, and she to him. Even though she is sexually inexperienced, that does not stop Anastasia from being involved with him. However, she will come to find that Christian's definition of pleasure is far from what she imagined 

First of all I just wanted to clarify that no I did not read the novels. Maybe I never will. Who knows? But any way going back to this movie. Can I just say this is one of those movies where the trailer is a hundred times better than the actual movie. Don't you find?

What I don't understand is how a bunch of ladies are in love with Mr. Christian Grey? Why? If you actually analyze what he does he is a sociopath. And is a complete stalker! Oh wait, let me go to your work, oh let me chan…

Too Faced Better than Sex (Amazing eyes set): Review

Better than sex mascara:

It truly has become one of my favorite mascaras. However, the thing about it that you have to find different ways in using it. At first I didn't like it but then I gave it a while. And to me it seemed that everytime I applied the mascara my lashes kept looking fuller and fuller. One downfall to this otherwise amazing mascara is that it sometimes creates fallout meaning that it flakes off that times. Some days it does some days it does not. 
Eyeliner in Perfect black: 
Well it definitely was not what it's names is trying to say. It was far from being perfect. If I only lines my top lashes and I didn't take any extra precautions the liner would run and smudge and it was just a hot mess. Nothing about it was great. It was creamy but a little too creamy for my liking. It didn't work for me and now the only time I can ever wear this liner is when I smugde eyeshadow on the bottom of my eyes. 
Rating time!!!!! 
Mascara better than sex 4/5 was really good b…