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Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in Copper Pink (Review)

For today I am reviewing +MAKE UP FOR EVER's Rouge artist natural moisturizing soft shine lipstick in N.9 Copper Pink (wow isn't that a mouthful. Imagine saying that three times straight)

As you can see below I have a mini sample of the lipstick which I find totally cute. I got mine for free at +Sephora it was a happy birthday freebie. The full size is shockingly (but not really shockingly because it's Makeup Forever) worth $20. It smells so goooood! No exaggeration on my part I can guarantee you that. It is vanilla scented but gosh I can smell this lipstick for hours on end.

This lipstick is meant to keep the lips hydrated after 8 hours of applying it. Weirdly enough the name of the lipstick is not on the lipstick, all it had was N.9 on it. So just found that strange. For more information on this lipstick you can click here.

I do have to say that I love the formula. It feels very creamy and moisturizing. The lipstick does wear off after a few hours, the color does fade b…

Christmas Reflections By: Joanne Jaytanie (Book Review)

I received this book for review. I am in no way, shape or form being compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

One thing I wanted to say is that Joanne was just so sweet she left me a little note inside the novel. She wrote for me to immerse myself in the spirit of the holidays, Awe I was gushing when I read that note. That was just too darn sweet.

This story is about Juliette Swanson that left her home town of Glenville, Washington and moved to the big city to go to college and work her way up the corporate ladder. She decided to move back home and she fell in love with the family feel and the close knit group of girlfriends she shares everything with. The Schwartz Christmas tree farm house has been put up for sale as well as the ski resort. Juliet and her friends bought the farm house and renovated it so they can all start their own businesses. However, Colton Weatherly a city corporate guy comes into to…

Ipsy December Glam Bag 2015 (First Impressions)

I'm always late on these first impressions but nonetheless I always do them.
If all of you don't know +ipsy is a beauty subscription service that for $10 or $20 for us Canadians you can receive 5 beauty products ranging from sample to full sizes. If you would like to know more then you can click here.
 So for this month's theme it is from what I can guess a thank-you theme. Essentially, the card says thank-you for an amazing 2015 and we the subscribers have made them what they are today. The theme is okay but I wished that they would have made the December theme festive. Other than the red bag nothing tells me it's a December bag.

1-Marc Anthony (Hydrating Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Deep Nourishing Conditioning Treatment)  I did a lot of research to find information on this product and it seems that what I received is full sized. It contains 50 ml and it retails for $2.99. I love trying out new hair care treatments. The treatment contains coconut oil, shea butter and …

Angel of Death By: Eamonn Hickson (Book Review)

((((((Disclaimer))))) I received this book to review and I am not being compensated. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own.  (((May Contain Spoilers)))
So I received this book years ago to review (I know I know that was horrible of me to wait that long to read) to be fair I have been quite busy for the past few years. However, I can finally say that I finished reading this novel. 
This story follows the life of Emily Dunhurst who since a young age has been seeing otherworldly creatures in the dark. Being tormented by creatures that she can only see her family ships her off to a mental institution. Finally released from the institution Emily who is in her twenties tries to catch up on lost time with her family. Her grandmother falls ill and what she sees at her grandma's bedside takes her off guard. Who she sees is the Angel of Death. How are you supposed to stop the Angel of Death from taking your family away from you?
The book also follows Angel Azrael AKA Angel …

EOS Lip Balm Review

Hi everyone I decided to write a review on this because I recently bought an eos lip balm in honeysuckle and boy do I have some things to say about it.

I bought that little green egg that you see down below for $3 at the dollar store. Granted there is not a big price difference but I am SO HAPPY that I didn't buy it at a higher value. There has been a huge hype on this egg shaped lip balm and I thought I would be blown away by it. Yes, the application process is a heck of a lot more fun and practical. And the DIY projects you can complete with the are endless.

So I bought this just last week and I have been applying it on my lips ever since. I cannot emphasis how this lip balm has ruined my lips. My lips have become so dry and chapped to the point that my lips are cut. I toke a picture of my lips which is below and you can see that my lips are really irritated and chapped. 
Before any of you suggest it, no it wasn't because of the cold or being outside too long.  Or even lick…