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Nourish Organic: Pure Hydrating Organic Argan Face Serum With Apricot + Rose Hip (Review)

Product Summary:
This serum deeply hydrates, replenishes skin, brightens and revitalizes the complexion. It regenerates the skin to reduce signs of stress and fatigue. It smooths texture and helps even out tone. Moroccan argan oil hydrates and replenishes. The apricot kernel oil restores and softens. While the rose hip oil smooths the skin texture. The full sized product costs $24.99.
I received this product in a Ipsy bag. I love Ipsy because I always get introduced to new products and companies. You can visit Ipsy's website by clicking here.
*******Cruelty free 👍********
I quickly see a change in my skin after just one use. The day after I used it, I noticed my skin felt significantly softer and more supple. When you first apply it, it does feel like any regular oil but then when you massage it into your skin it settles on your face like a primer would. 
I do appreciate the scent. You can definitely smell the apricot and this serum reminds me of cake batter. I love that this s…

To my Disappointing Father

Dear Sperm Donor,

I am writing this because I have to finally let go of all this pain and animosity. I figure one day this might find you and you will finally realize how much of a failure you were as a father to me. I don't think I have ever had someone systematically destroy me mentally and emotionally like you do. I've come across a lot of horrid people in my short life on this Earth but you really take the cake on this.

Every time I think of you, all that comes to mind is anger, pain, disappointment and huge array of tragic memories that will haunt me for the rest of my life. You were never there for me. You never gave me your support or a shoulder to lean on. Yes, there might have been a point where you gave me a place to stay for 2 weeks but aside from that you've been nothing but a disappointing. Whether it is during my childhood or my adult years, you have a way of fucking shit up beyond repair.

Congratulations dad, you fucked me up so good that I can't emotio…

Vidal Sassoon: Pro Series Color Protect Gloss (Review)

Product Summary: This gloss color creme's rich moisturizing formula provides a veil of protection to help ensure the brilliant shine of your color treated hair. A professionally inspired formula for fashionably vibrant coloured hair. The best way to use this gloss is to either apply a dime sized amount onto towel-dried hair and comb through. Or you can apply some of the product on dry hair to finish your hair style. This product costs around $10.
******Not Cruelty Free 👎*****
For the past few weeks I have dyed my hair quite a few times which comes to no surprise that I gravitated towards this type of product. I tend to use this more when it's the second or third day after washing my hair and I see that my hair looks dull. I definitely love using this product when my hair needs a little extra help. It adds shine and helps get me a nice finished look to my hair. 
Rating: I am going to give this gloss 4.5 stars on 5. Truthfully, I don't have any complaints with this product…

True Blood | Season 1 Episode 10: I Don't Wanna Know (Review)

(((There will be spoilers)))
I so freaking called it! Sam is a shape-shifter or preferably a shifter. But the best part of the opening scene is Sookie running into the bathroom, hiding in the shower and grabbing the loofah as a weapon. Can she be anymore of a dumb blonde cliché? Same tells Sookie that werewolves are nasty creatures and that there is so much more out there. Of course, there would be more supernatural creatures! If there are vampires there's bound to be more in the True Blood Universe. I just find Sookie so annoying that she is acting all overwhelmed and angry at Same when she herself is so different with her telepathy. 
Tara went and got an exorcism in the middle of the woods for $800. She ended up throwing up a lot and killing an invisible demon that looked like a child version of herself. There are two possible reasons why this happened. Either she was actually possessed by a demon which in the episode we found out about the werewolves and shifters so who knows …