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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Movie Review)

(((((There will be spoilers)))))))
Summary: Immediately following the end of Retribution, Humanity is on its last legs of survival. It is up to Alice and her allies to come together and finally put an end to Umbrella. Alice returns to where it all started; The Hive in Raccoon City. 
Here is one issue that I am having with the story line right off the bat with this movie. The origin of the T-virus came up but in this movie it is stated that it was created by Dr. James Marcus, however, in the second movie Resident Evil: Apocalypse the T-virus was created by Doctor Ashford for his daughter Angie. So which one is it? Dr. Marcus that created it or Dr. Ashford? Plus this movie never went back to Dr. Ashford so now we have an inconsistency within the film and I hate inconsistencies in movies. Then we find out that it was actually Dr. Issacs who has full control of Umbrella since the beginning. That definitely was a plot twist. Especially, since Alice killed Dr. Issacs in a previous movie wh…

Lithium Luke and His Gal Pal Peanut By: E.Z. Peasy (Book Review)

(((((Will Contain Spoilers. I received this book to review all thoughts and opinions are my own.))))))
Summary: Lithium Luke is on an epic journey to become special. Every person in Lithium's Luke world is special except him. When he journeys across the mystical land in search to find what his own special gift is he comes across all kinds of creatures from Jumping Jerries, Beezlebugs plus friendly and dangerous talking animals. He also comes across a smart girl named Peanut. Through all his exciting adventures with his new friends Lithium Luke learns something special about himself. 
I would like to thank E.Z. Peasy for sending me her book to review. Sorry it toke me so long to finally review but better late than never, right?
First thing I would like to say is that I have never read a book quite like this one. I'm referring to the writing style of it all and how the story was portrayed. The book was written as if it were an adult telling an imaginary story to a child right b…

Illamasqua: Precision Ink in Abyss (Review)

I originally got my hands on this liquid eyeliner from Ipsy a beauty subscription service that mails 5 beauty products every month. I truly recommend in giving them a try I've gotten products from such amazing companies and I cannot get enough of it. Check them out here.
This liquid liner is long-lasting and waterproof which is perfect to use anywhere on the face and the body. It contain's a fine tip that allows for a defined application. It also allows you to create intricate sharp lines and the waterproof formula makes it stay on until you wish otherwise. This liquid eye liner costs around $37. For more info on this product check out Illamasqua's website here.
*****Cruelty Free 👍*****
On the first try of using this liner I definitely messed up my liner, not so badly though! But it did take some getting used to because I usually use a regular eyeliner brush instead of a fine tip. The brush does pick up a good amount of product, however, you do need to dip in the contai…

True Blood: Season 1 Episode 5 Sparks Fly Out (Episode Review)

((((There are spoilers))))
Getting right into the episode the rift between Sookie and Bill is quite understandable. Just knowing him and being associated with him has brought on a lot of change and danger. To Sookie all this change is disruptive to the little and simple life she has created for herself. At the same time such change might be what Sookie needs to finally thrive and live. But with him? Hell no!
Jason is dumber than a bag of rocks. Doing V yet again? That is just asking for trouble to happen. And that trouble is him hallucinating. It's incredible how smooth he can be while high but isn't he forgetting Dawn fairly quickly?
Bill sneakily listening in on everyone, how not shocking! Bill is quite something when he's got his Southern charm on full blast. However, when you see the truth of what is Bill Compton there is not much that he can do to deter our eyes from what he really is; manipulative, cold and a vampire. I do find it interesting that he can cry blood. …

True Blood: Season 1 Episode 4 Escape From Dragon House (Episode Review)

(((There will be spoilers, obviously.)))
Jason is just the epitome of stupid. Dawn is dead and after having an altercation with her, he has to come back the morning after? I don't know about y'all but if someone shoots a gun at me (it's never happened) I wouldn't come back with flowers then get super pissy throwing said flowers around. And Sookie! I understand she was your friend but don't touch things at a murder scene. 
I don't know whether I should laugh or just get pissed off at everyone but we have a murdered woman and everyone is not even focusing on the importance of it all. Andy is mad because people don't call him detective, the coroner is focusing on Dawn's breasts and everyone outside want to know all the gossipy details. What. The Fuck! Where is everyone's priorities? 
Jason being the idiot that he is drinks the whole vial of vampire blood. Boy does he not listen to people. But here is what's bothering me. Jason isn't being char…