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Urbanity 2030 Unboxing (Review) +Video

I have been approached lately by Urbanity2030 to become an ambassador for them and after obtaining one of their boxes I gladly accepted. Essentially, Urbanity2030 is a monthly subscription service which includes fashionable sunglasses depending if you pick 'him' or 'hers' box for the month. They have also started branching out and your monthly boxes can now include a single piece of jewelry if you change your box type.

Their basic 'his' and 'hers' boxes cost around 10$. Seeing as how they are located in the states if you are like me and are located in Canada or elsewhere there will be additional fees and conversion from US dollars as well. Overall, it cost about a little under 20$.

Luckily, when I became an ambassador for Urbanity2030 they gave me a promo code that I could share with my followers and readers.

Urbanity2030 Website My Promo code: AmandaW for 20% off your first box.
You will most probably laugh at what I am going to say but for me wearing …

NYX: High Definition Concealer in Green +Video

This lightweight concealer is meant to obscure imperfections and discoloration without ever looking cakey or obvious. The concentrated emollient-rich formula is easy to apply and creates a medium to heavy coverage. This concealer costs around 8$. For more info on NYX and their high definition concealer check them out here.
**********This is cruelty free 👍👍👍**************
This concealer does provide heavy coverage which is why I had to use a brush to blend it out instead of a sponge. Using a sponge I realized fairly quickly that it would not blend the concealer properly. The concealer does dry pretty quickly so if I try to take my time and blend with a sponge it doesn't leave an even finish. Once the concealer does dry it's hard to blend it without having to start all over. 
Seeing as how this is heavy coverage a little does go a long way. Which is great because you really get a lot for your buck. Trust me when I do say this though, you do not need your entire face covered…