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Yensa | Tone Up Primer Essential Glow (Review)

Product Summary: The tone up primer essential glow infuses these super-powered skin-loving ingredients to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, minimize the appearance of pores, even skin texture and keep skin looking flawless. The satin-sheen and lightweight formula creates an invisible skin perfecting finish. Worn alone or under makeup, no one will know you are wearing it, your skin will thank you later. Got this item in an Ipsy Bag. Ipsy is a beauty subscription service. For more info on Ipsy please click here. Full size product is 35$ and deluxe travel size which I have is 15$ 

***Not cruelty-free👎👎***
During the morning when I'm getting ready if I see my skin needs a pick me up then I gravitate to this product to even out my skin tone. I wouldn't call this a primer but more of a CC cream. For a "primer", it is super pigmented just like a BB/CC cream. It blends into the skin really well leaving a nice glowy complexion as seen from the picture below. The onl…

A Lick Of Frost (Merry Gentry #6) By: Laurell K. Hamilton (Book Review)

(((There will be spoilers)))
Summary: I am Meredith Gentry, princess and heir apparent to the throne of faerie. To be crowned queen, I must become pregnant and continue the royal bloodline. If I fail, my aunt, Queen Andais, will be free to do what she most desires: install her twisted son, Cel as monarch...and kill me. My royal guards  surround me, and my best loved- my Darkness and my Killing Frost are always beside me, sworn to make love to me and protect me. Even now, we are forced into exile in the mortal world, hoping to outrun the gathering shadows of court intrigue. But King Taranis, powerful and dangerous ruler of faerie's Seelie Court, has leveled accusations against my noble guards of a heinous crime. I know that Taranis's true target is me. He tried to kill me when I was a child, and now I fear his intentions are far more terrifying. 
Despite, a good 50 percent of the book being mirror calls from one monarch to another, there was a whole lot of story development an…

Mistral's Kiss (Merry Gentry #5) By: Laurell K. Hamilton (Book Review)

***Please be warned that there will be spoilers***
Summary: I am Princess Meredith, trapped in the kingdom of faerie, compelled to conceive a child, an heir to the throne, by engaging some of the realm's most beautiful men. Now Mistral, Queen Andais's new captain of the guard, has risked the Queen's jealous wrath to come to my bed. Our joining has reawakened old magic, mystical power so ancient that no one stands against it and lives...not even my strongest and most favored: my Darkness and my Killing Frost. Not even Mistral himself, my Storm Lord. But because Mistral has helped to bring this magic forth, he may live another day. If I can reclaim control of the fey power that once was, there may be hope for me and my reign in faerie. I might yet quell the dark schemes and subterfuges surrounding me. Though shadows of obsession and conspiracy gather, I may survive. 
I'm confused by who wrote and edited this book because the first half was so not the Laurell K. Hamilton…

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna | Mattemoiselle Plush Matte 10 Piece Lipstick Collection (Review)

Product Summary: Rihanna wanted to make the matte lipstick of your dreams a reality: think mega-rich color minus the weight. The ultimate light as air texture glides on creamy and stays put- no bleeding or feathering after application, with a velvety soft matte finish inspired by a rose petal. And thanks to mattemoiselle's chic, slim design, you can effortlessly define lips with the ultimate control for lips that look fuller with every stroke. Priced at 190$ but I got it discounted at 95$ from Sephora.  It is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalats. 

This set contains: 10 Mattemoiselle plush matte lipsticks in Violet fury (vivid purple), Pumpkin rose (rich marigold), Flamingo acid (Bright berry), Dragon mami (Tropical papaya), I quit (True mink), F'N Black (Navy Black), Turks and Caicos (Deep teal), Ballerina blackout (Loud bubblegum), Thicc (Sultry mauve), Tiger tini (Exotic Orange). 

***Cruelty Free 👍👍💖****
I never thought that these matte lipsticks would be …

A Stroke Of Midnight (Merry Gentry #4) By: Laurell K. Hamilton (Book Review)

(((There will be spoilers in this review)))
Summary: In Los Angeles she is Meredith Gentry, private investigator. In the faraway world of faerie she is Princess Meredith, heir to a dark throne. In this realm of peril and deception, adversaries watch her every move, while the enemies of her aunt, the queen, lay in wait to usurp power. For the first time in history, human police will enter faerie and Meredith will need all her allies when fate leads her into the arms of Mistral, Master of Storms, the queen's captain of the guard. Their passion will awaken powers long forgotten among the warriors of the court and as Meredith's enemies gather, both courts of faerie will face dire threat. 
Heading into the fourth book in the Meredith Gentry series, Laurell K. Hamilton changes up the theme in the series and takes on a more serious and darker tone. I feel like she was thinking “Kay we’re in the fourth book, them bitches are committed. Let’s get serious.” Evidently, she probably thou…

Garnier: Whole Blends Color Care Mask With Argan Oil & Cranberry Extracts (Review)

Product Summary: The color protecting system blooms with a vibrant fragrance of argan oil and cranberry, bringing to life the wholesome care that protects color and illuminates with every use. It will reveal hair that is moisturized and illuminated with brilliant color and lasting radiance. Costs around 7-8$. How to use: After shampooing, apply a generous amount of treatment to hair. Gently work through hair, making sure to cover ends. Wait 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 
***Not cruelty free 👎👎***

As all of you know, I love to dye my hair and to get the brightness I do have to bleach it. So, I need to keep the colour long-lasting and moisturize my hair so it doesn't become weak from the bleach. I have really long, thick hair and I was worried I had to go through this product quickly but it is lasting quite a while. 
One thing I highly recommend is if you are thinking you are using too much then you are! I did the mistake of using too much and my roots ended up being so greas…