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Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative leave-in conditioning spray (Review)

I received this small bottle of Briogeo's conditioning spray in my May Ipsy glam bag.

It is the first product that I've ever owned from this company and let me tell you all that it did not disappoint. This product is meant to nourish, repair and renew hair which does exactly that. This product also protects from heat damage, breakage and protects from UV exposure. It is also made with rosehip, argan, and coconut oils. I did get a sample version of the product as you can see from the picture below. The bottle contains 30 ml and it is worth about $5. As you can tell this brand is not cheap at all but their products do contain good ingredients and actually does do what it claims. Then again I can only say that for this product.

This product is amazing for dry hair and I realized it is also good for colored hair. I do have part of my hair dyed blonde and I noticed that area was getting dry and weak and using this definitely has helped loads. It leaves my hair looking shiny and co…

Signs From Above By: Doreen and Charles Virtue (Book Review)

This book is about helping the reader recognize and understand the signs from angels, archangels, guardian angels and loved ones who have passed away. Many signs that are sent to us sometimes we do not even realize are signs from above and this book helps to identify them and also understand them. It is broken up into chapters and each chapter goes into detail on various signs such as; clouds, feathers, music, coins, and even number sequences. At the back of the book there are a few pages filled with prayers that you can use to help you in a particular aspect of your life. Especially, concerning love, health, employment, protection and so much more. 
This book has been more than a blessing to me. It has truly helped me open my eyes to all the signs that have been sent to me that I didn't realize were signs. Many people would find me believing in angels ridiculous and would simply tell me that angels do not exist. Well how can you say something does not exist if you've never s…

My Day at La Ronde Six Flags

Hey guys! If all of you haven`t figured it out yet I live in Canada in the province of Quebec. Near the island of Montreal. One thing that we have near Montreal is this little man-made island that is filled with roller coaster madness. I absolutely love roller coasters and early this summer I went and got myself a season pass to the magical place where roller coasters reside, and that is La Ronde. La Ronde was bought by Six Flags years ago and quite frankly whenever I've gone to La Ronde their hasn't been huge crowds of people like there used to be when I went as a child. Maybe it is because no one likes being outside anymore but I had so much fun!

During my time at La Ronde I really wanted to enjoy and appreciate my time which is why for my first day back at La Ronde I went alone.

As you can tell from my selfie below I did catch quite some sun. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to apply sunscreen and even forgot to pack some sunscreen. I know! That is a big no no but it com…