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24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep By: Jonathan Crary (BookReview)

Hi everyone so this is my last book review for this year.

So here I have Jonathan Crary's 24/7 novel that was a required book to read for my last humanities class for college. I never would have picked up a book like this but I am super happy that I had to read it for class. In all honesty it puts things into perspective.

Crary talks about the 24/7 system that has over taken everyone's lives. And that sleep is the last barrier against Capitalism. He tries to show us the differences that have changed our society due to Capitalism trying to take over our lives.

The first thing he talks about is sleep. Sleep is a natural human occurrence. However, for the past hundred years, we have been sleeping less and less. Today we are actually willing to sacrifice our sleep to finish up last minute work, homework, assignments or even for entertainment. And SHIT it is so true. It is really bad that the sleep we need to function properly we are willingly sacrificing. Whether it is by pharmac…

My Fav New Obsession!!! #1 (Flash Tattoos/Metallic Tattoos)

Hey guys so I've been thinking of doing this little series on my blog of my favorite new obsession that has currently piqued my interest. It can be absolutely anything. Plus why would I want to limit myself? If any of you have been following since I've first started my blog or have looked through my posts you will see that I write about a variety of things.
So first off, what are metallic or flash tattoos? Well here is an example of it below. These tattoos have been quite trendy over the summer and especially during coachella and music festivals. But this trend has not died out or at least for me it hasn't. 
I absolutely love wearing these flash tattoos because I do want to get a tattoo but wearing these definitely helped me decide where and what I would like to get. Plus I just love having them on my hands. I don't know what it is about it but I just love having them where I can see them. 
There are ones that you can put around your wrists, ankles, neck, arms and pra…

Amie Matte Finish Moisturiser (Review)

Hello everyone! Here I am with another review. So here I have a moisturiser from Amie skincare.
This is a Morning dew matte-finish moisturiser that is meant to control oiliness and shine while also hydrating and softening the skin.

I received a sample of the moisturiser in my May glam bag from Ipsy. Which if all of you don't know Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that for $10 or $14.95 US for us Canadians a month you will receive 4-5 beauty product ranging from sample size to full-sized products. If you would like to find more information you can find them here.
Now the full sized product of the moisturiser costs about $9.90 which you can find on their website or you can check them out here. So the sample that I have is worth about $1 so not much but yet it is a product that is good. I'll explain why but first I'll explain the proper way to use it.

How To Use:
Before applying it you first has to clean or cleanse your face. Afterwards, you apply it smoothly onto skin. …

Straight A At Stanford And On To Harvard By: Peter Rogers MD (Book Review)

*********Disclaimer******** I received this book to review but I am not being compensated. This review is strictly my own words and opinions. 
I usually don't read books like this but it is a great way to expand my horizons. I am happy I did receive this book because I wouldn't read something like this otherwise. I usually stick with teenage/young adult fantasy supernatural fictional books but I do have to step away from my comfort zone to really grow intellectually. 
This book is essentially filled with lots of study tips/ tricks, thinking strategies, memorization techniques, and Mr. Peter Roger himself talks a lot about his own experiences. This book is relatively long but the chapters are short. Mr, Roger writes about his experience of being the worst student in his class at Standford and eventually turned it all around and became the best student in his classes and then went to Harvard and accomplished the same thing with getting 99% on his board exams. 
He gives a lot of…

Ipsy Glam Bag September 2015 (First Impression)

So...This is really late of me but better late than never, right? Gosh that sounded bad even to me. There is no excuse as to why I haven't done this first impressions for this September glam bag but please forgive me!

So Ipsy is a beauty subscription service that for $10 a month or for us Canadians $14.95 American you can receive 4-5 beauty products that range from samples to full sized products. If you guys want to check it out you can click here.

So for this month's bag the theme is face fashion. Love the concept but I don't think it was well executed. I thought I would have received more face products because that is the theme for September's glam bag but as you can see from the icture below that is far from what I got.

Ipsy Nyx EyeShadow Trio:
So this is eye shadow trio from Nyx is exclusive to Ipsy. It's "called" IpsyNyx01 which makes me believe that their will probably be more made for Ipsy. But focusing on what is important, these colors are amazin…

Altchek Dermatologist MD DePuff Eye Pads (Review)

Hello everyone! So today I will be reviewing Alchek DePuff eye pads. First off I would like to say that I received two sets of eye pads in my June Ipsy glam bag. I actually wrote a first impression of that month's glam bag and if you would like to read it you can click here. If all of you don't know Ipsy is a  monthly beauty subscription service that for $10 US or around $20 for us Canadians you will be able to receive 4-5 products ranging from samples to full-sized products. If you would like to check out Ipsy you can click here.

What does it do?
The DePuff eye pads is to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness while also hydrating the sensitive and fragile skin under the eyes.

This product is made in Korea and I don't know if you are aware of this but Korea is known for their skin care products. Have you ever seen pictures of Korean women who supposedly are 50 but actually look 25? Yeah those women definitely know how to take care of their skin. It seems t…