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True Blood | Season 1 Episode 11: To Love Is To Bury (Review)

(((Please be advised there are spoilers!))))
Bill is getting on my last damn nerve. His self-righteous and better than thou attitude towards his own kind is getting tiring. Imagine being a powerful creature but only weeping and reminiscing of the olden days. What a waste immortality is on our poor Mr. Compton. 
I do have to say I am not a squeamish but damn vampire remains are fucking disgusting. Let's be honest, you don't really know someone till you are cleaning up the mess of a dead body with them. Morbid sense of humour, eh? I really am happy that Jason is finally getting a grip with the whole Amy situation because he was going down a rabbit hole. It's crazy to me how Amy is able to rationalize everything. It's sad to lose Amy because it is leading Jason down a worse path than when she was alive. I understand he is devastated of losing her but for him to take responsibility for her death is sad. 
Terry Bellefleur is a mood and a half! "I can't listen to P…

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