Garnier | The Brusher Skin Renew Gel-Cleanser (Review)

Product Summary:Garnier Skin Renew brusher gel-cleanser smoothes skin and deep cleans your pores for a healthier look. The gel-cleanser is oil-free, and it's unique formation with a soft exfoliating brush and a deep cleansing gel with soothing green leaf extract is gentle enough to use everyday. Costs around 15$. ***Not Cruelty-Free 👎👎***One would think that having a silicon brush attached would be useful and actually deep cleans the skin but the silicon bristles are too far apart and too large to actually clean my pores. I personally don't like using the silicon brushes to cleanse my skin because it mostly irritates my skin and these type of brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria if you do not clean the brush well and store it properly. The first few times I used this cleanser, I used the brush and it irritated my skin and it caused me to have pimples. The actual gel cleanser works well and does a good job of cleaning my skin, smoothing it out and of clearing my som…

Pacifica Beauty | Power Of Love Natural Lipstick In Nudie Red (Review)

Product summary: 
Amazingy creamy, highly-pigmented, and naturally moisturizing. This lipstick is packed with all the vitamins and antioxidants your lips crave. Made with coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. It is also 100% vegan. Costs around $8-9.I ended up receiving this item in a Ipsy glam bag which is a monthly beauty subscription service where you get 5 items from sample to full size for around 20$ Canadian. Click here to check them out.
***Cruelty Free 👍***
Despite this lipstick being ntura, it smells very artificial and almost like plastic. A bit of the shea butter scent comes through but for the most part it doesn't smell good. It's so rough to apply on the lips. Every time I apply it, the lipstick will tug on my lips. It also feels heavy on the lips. Whenever I eat or drink something, I get the horrible taste of plastic in my mouth which tastes quite disgusting and awful. I have to wipe my mouth completely of this lipstick and once I'm done eating I re-apply t…

Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood and Red Dice By: Christopher Pike (Book Review)

(There will be spoilers in this review)Summary:Alisa has been in control of her urges for the five thousand years she has been a vampire. She feeds but does no kill, and she lives her life on the fringe to maintain her secret. But when her creator returns to hunt her, she must break her ow rules in order to survive. Her quest leads her to ray. he is the only person who can help her; he also has every reason to fear her. Alisa must get closer to him to ensure her immortality. But as she begins to fall in love with Ray, suddenly there is more at stake than her own life...When it comes to vampire novels, most of the time said vampire is a powerful and strong male who protects the damsel in distress. With this one, however, we have Alissa Aka Sita who is a five thousand year old vampire that is powerful, intelligent and kicks ass. And she has to protect her male counterparts. Now, that is a story I can absolutely appreciate. Funny enough, this was written by a male author. I believe it w…

Written For You | A play By: Joseph Cognard (Review)

***I received this play to review but it will not influence my rating and opinion.*** There will also be spoilers.  Summary: Find out why accountants should stick to doing the books not writing one. Somebody must have suggested Bob Curry write a book. He didn't just wake up one morning with the idea. Or did he? Well, at least working in a publishing company he should have no problem finding someone to read it. Or will he? Read along as this dark comedy moves to an epic conclusion. Will you enjoy reading a play? Of course you will, don't forget it is and will always be, Written For You. 
This has been a surprisingly enjoyable read. I did not have much faith but don't judge a book by its cover! It's funny, witty, and so darn ironic it's definitely right up my alley. The last time I read a play was way back in my college days. And I had a very mean professor who toke the fun right out of it so my hopes for this play being good were very low since I only ever had bad exper…

Rated Green | Cold Brew Rosemary Balancing Scalp Pack with Charcoal (Review)

Product Summary:Take your scalp to a new level of fresh and clean comfort with this luxury head spa treatment. Containing the cold brewed organic rosemary juice and carefully selected botanical ingredients, this charcoal added balancing scalp pack provides rich nutrients to leave oily scalp perfectly balanced and revitalized. And hair feeling light and soft. Costs around 4$How to use: After shampooing, apply a generous amount to clean, wet scalp and hair. Gently massage and leave on for 5 minutes. No need to use extra . I ended up receiving this item in a Ipsy glam bag which is a monthly beauty subscription service where you get 5 items from sample to full size for around 20$ Canadian. Click here to check them out.***Not Cruelty-Free 👎👎***I'm not a big fan when it comes to the scent of rosemary but once the product is on my scalp I barely notice the scent of it. I have dry, itchy and a sensitive scalp which at times is hard to maintain because if I touch my scalp too much I'…