Divine By Blood (Partholon #3) By: P.C Cast (Book Review)

(((This review will contain spoilers)))
Summary: Conceived in a lie and trapped in a tree throughout her gestation, Morrigan's birth was truly magical. After that start, she spent the next eighteen years raised as a normal girl in Oklahoma. upon discovering the truth of her heritage, her rage and grief take on a power of their own, carrying her back to the world of Partholon. Yet, instead of being respected as the daughter of the Goddess Incarnate, Morrigan feels like a shunned outsider. In her desperation to belong to Partholon, she confronts forces she can't fully understand  or control. And soon a strange darkness draws closer...

Yet again, I am faced with a plot-less story from Cast. If there is no main goal or antagonist in the story then the story will drag on and be dis-interesting. And no! Defeating literally evil itself at the very end of the book is not called a plot line.

In this book, we follow Morrigan's life from when she was born all the way till she is a y…

It Cosmetics Brow Power (Review)

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So I first received this Universal eyebrow pencil in universal taupe in my June ipsy glam bag. It is full sized and contains 0.07g of product while being worth a whooping $24. Actually I think I have a sample of the brow power but it's not clear on their website. I wish it said the amount of product each pencil contains.  One side as you can see below contains the actual product that you twist up (I appreciate that because I hate pencil's that you have to sharpen) and the other side is a spoolie to comb through your brows. 

Here is the brow pencil swatched. I cannot express to you how hard it was to swatch this eyebrow pencil! I had to layer my swatch many times but the great thing about it is when filling in your brows you can slowly fill then in. I do have to say the strokes were…

Divine By Choice (Partholon #2) By: P.C. Cast (Book Review)

(((This review will contain spoilers)))
Summary:  Shannon Parker has finally come to terms with life in the mythical world of Partholon. She loves her centaur husband, her connection to the goddess Epona and the pampering that comes with both! She's almost forgotten her old life on Earth, especially, when she discovers she's pregnant...Then a sudden burst of power sends her back to Oklahoma. Without magic, Shannon can't return to Partholon and so she needs to find help. Trouble is, it might take the form of a man as tempting as her husband. And along the way she'll discover that being divine by mistake is a lot easier than being divine by choice. 
The first book was a great joy for me to read and as for the sequel well let's just say that it was a little bit predictable. Shannon being pregnant came to no surprise to me because in most stories once the main evil is vanquished and the heroine finds her true love next comes a pregnancy. Of course, once Shannon is set…

Sephora Collection | Cushion Glossy Eyeliner in Ultra Black (Review)

Product Summary:
This glossy liquid eyeliner, dispensed through a cushion-like sponge is an innovation! Paired with Sephora classic must have angled liner brush #90, this fether light, quick drying formula, gives you richly pigmented precision for any desired look! Price: $18.50

***Not Cruelty Free 👎👎***
It seems I have no luck with eyeliners as of late. I have a string of terrible eyeliners and with every eyeliner I review, the experience gets worse and worse. It's becoming exhausting for me having to have so many shitty experiences with these liners. And it seems this never ending liner tragedy will continue. 
This Sephora liner didn't fair too well either. The first few applications were so difficult, the formula dries too quickly to do a perfect winged liner. You basically have 10-15 seconds to apply the liner before it dries and when it dries it's a bitch and a half to go over and perfect what you already applied. I thought maybe if I changed eyeliner brushes it wo…

Biorace | Intense Hydrating Spirulina Mask (Review)

Product Summary:
This mask hydrates, replenishes, and calms the overall skin that is dry, tired and sensitive. Delivering results comparable to those of a serum, it helps to energize for a healthy glow while refreshing, soothing and moisturizing skin. Costs around $2.50 per sheet mask.

I received this item in my Ipsy bag which is a beauty subscription service. For more information on Ipsy you can click here.

***Not cruelty-free 👎👎***
I normally don't use many sheet masks or too many serums because I have extremely sensitive skin. I have had instances where my skin got so irritated that I had a huge red rash all over my face and neck for several days. Thus, my hesitance on using such products. As of late, I have been tired and more stressed than usual and that takes a toll on my skin. When I initially put the mask on my face, it did start stinging and I was afraid this would be like all the other products and cause a rash on my face. I waited a few moments and the tingling sen…