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Urban Decay X Jean-Michel Basquiat Blush Palette| Review

Product Summary:
This limited edition palette was in collaboration with Jean-Michel Basquiat. If you're like me then you have no idea who this Jean-Michel guy is and why he teamed up with Urban Decay. Luckily, the packaging gave me a bit of insight on who this guy is. Essentially, he rose to fame in the 80's art scene in New York City and was the pioneer of he neo-expressionist movement. The packaging is a mini reproduction of Basquiat's artworks. This limited edition blush palette holds four shades of blush, bronzer and highlighter. (3 shades are supposed to be new but I don't know the Urban Decay line enough to know which 3 are new). Once you finish using this palette you can frame it on your wall like artwork. 
Normally, I would be able to give you a price point on this product and whether it is cruelty free or not. Unfortunately, this is a limited edition product meaning it is only available for a limited amount of time. If it was a permanent item I would be able …

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