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True Blood | Season 1 Episode 8: The Fourth Man in the Fire (Review)

((((There will be spoilers in this episode have been forewarned))))
I will admit I have not been a big fan of Sookie's attitude, especially, regarding Bill. But the fact that he might actually be dead makes her act as if she has lost another family member just baffles me. It's just Bill! Is this what love sick teenagers having sex for the first time looks like? Obsessed and down right ridiculous? Sookie's demeanor is beyond ridiculous. What type of person would think to call a vampire during the day and expect them to answer? 
I'm really happy that Tara is finally experiencing how a sober mother is because from what we have been shown about her Tara has had a tough upbringing. I just find it funny that it took a possum dying in the middle of a forest for Tara's mom to finally be sober. But what I hate seeing is Bill coming between Tara and Sookie. I hate that Sookie is allowing Bill to alienate her from everyone she knows. But on a different note, Ter…