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Sephora 12HR Wear Waterproof Contour Eye Pencils in Black Lace & Tiramisu (Review)

Before I go into full review mode I would just like to point out that these eyeliners are in special packaging because I got them in a value set (I think that is why they are in different packaging. Not 100% why but they are the same eyeliners). I bought a set of 4 eyeliners for $12 but the reason why I am only showing these two colours is because the other two are discontinued. It would suck for you guys if I reviewed them and you wouldn't have access to them. Even though they are in silver packaging they contain the same amount of product as the regular packaged ones.  Each eyeliner pencil is worth $12 which is the same amount I paid for 4 of  +Sephora 's 12HR waterproof eye pencils. Both shades have a matte finish and the formula is meant to be resistant to water, heat and humidity making it last 12 hours with no smudges. For more info on these liners you can check  here  on Sephora's website. ***These liners were not tested on animals according to Sephora'

Keanu Movie Review

(((((((This review might contain spoilers...You have been warned)))))) Summary: When dumped by his girlfriend, slacker Rell (Jordan Peele) finds happiness when a cute kitten ends up at his doorstep. After a couple of thugs steal his kitten, Rell asks his cousin Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) for help. They learn that a thug named Cheddar has Keanu and will only give back the kitten if they agree to work for him. Problem is it doesn't take long for these two to get in big trouble.  First off, what a cute little kitten! When having a look at Rell with the aftermath of his breakup, I can safely say he is worse than a woman having a mental break-down. OMG Rell taught Keanu to scratch his ex-girlfriend's picture. That to me is just beyond cute!  Clarence trying to be gangsta and a thug says about Keanu to Cheddar "we in the market for a gangsta pet" lol what the fuck? That has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. Rell and Clarence p

Daily Defense Argan Oil Moisturizing Shampoo (Review)

This 32 fl.oz shampoo bottle cost me about $2. It cost me around $2 because I bought it at my local Dollar-store. Now buying shampoo for two bucks makes me quite happy and that is because I don't feel like spending $10+ dollars on a freaking shampoo bottle that doesn't even contain half the amount of product in it. You know that over-priced shampoo bottle that really doesn't do much for your hair? Yeah I'm talking about those. I'm trying to avoid buying them unless I'm requested to review them for you wonderful readers.  Strangely enough, I can't seem to find the homepage for Daily Defense. Maybe they don't have one? But I keep finding different online shopping sites selling their products. I'm clueless as to why they don't have a website but I do know that people do review their products. Sorry if I can't provide more information on the brand/company,  This shampoo is enriched with genuine Argan oil from Morocco. This shampoo is mea

Montana Homecoming By: Eve Gaddy (Book Review)

(I received this book to review. I am not receiving compensation for this review) (There will be spoilers in this review) This anthology contains 5 stories by 5 different authors. Each story and the anthology itself is centered around Montana. But more specifically around the town of Marietta. Apparently, Marietta is a magical western, amazing, where love can be found town with an amazing community. Personally, I doubt that this 'magical' town is as amazing and magical as the authors make it out to be but I am open to their suggestions of said town. For this review I will write a summary for each story then review each story the same way. So let's get started! Summary: Long Way Home by Kathleen O'Brien  Abby Foster plans to do what she pleases after having domineering men control her life. This includes a weekend fling, no strings attached with Joe Carlyle who happened to have had his heart broken by Abby over eight years ago. Joe doesn't want a weekend fl

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien (Review)

If you are a  +Sephora  member then you already know about their birthday gift/ free birthday item. Last year for Sephora members, Sephora was giving out two  +NARS Cosmetics  lip pencil samples in a set. The first sample was a velvet matte lip pencil in Cruella which I already did a review on it ( you can check it out here)   The full size depending on where you buy the lip pencils can vary in price from $26-$33. On NARS ' website they sell their satin lip pencils for $26. While on Sephora's website they sell the satin lip pencils for $33 (I noticed that the price for the lip pencils went up). The sample size that I have is contains 0.05 oz and is worth around $22.  These satin lip pencils are meant to be long-wearing and moisturizing. These lip pencils do not twist up. Seeing as they are chubby sticks you do have to sharpen them with the right sharpener or else you can't really use them once you use up the pointed tip. The packaging is nice and it isn't diff

Microsoft Deleted All My Emails (((User's Beware!!!)))

I, like millions of other people around the world have an email account. It seems year after year we rely more on email than ever before. And why shouldn't we rely on email accounts? We get to receive important emails such as; bills, subscription letters, emails from friends and family, business emails and we even get to save a bunch of pictures and important documents. Seems like a Godsend, right? Heck, I thought so too! Now before I go into great detail about this post let me give you a bit of context on the situation at hand. I first got a Hotmail account I would like to say about 10 years ago. So, I do have quite a bit of experience on how to manage and use a Hotmail account. With as many years as I've had this account, I've acquired quite a few emails. I've used this email account for school (High school, College and now University), subscriptions letters, work, for my blog, contacting authors + companies and the list goes on. I had at least 10-12 pages of email

Graduating From College: My Tell All

I finally graduated from College. Do you know how amazing that feels to say? I am beyond happy and excited to have finally finished College. This has been a long three years in the making. From long nights staying up late writing papers and assignments to the roller-coaster of emotions; College has definitely been a huge learning experience. Hopefully, all of you can learn from my mistakes and experiences.  My first semester of College I personally have to say was the worst. The whole transitioning from high school to College that itself is pretty brutal but then adding in program and friend drama plus health issues and not being happy? Yeah, pretty fucking crazy first semester. Looking back on the three years that I've had I can safely say that I have been through a lot. Like a shit ton of a lot  But let's start with my first semester. Now, you all must be wondering; program drama? Well I was originally supposed to be enrolled into the Creative Arts program but trans