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Five Dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo By: Plato, G.M.A Grube and John M. Cooper (Book Review)

In the revised form in which George Grube's distinguished translations appear here, they present Plato's wonderfully vivid and moving as well as challenging portrayal of Socrates, and of the philosophic life, in clear, contemporary, down-to-earth English that nonetheless preserves and accurately conveys the nuances of Plato's and Socrates' philosophical ideas. 
I first got my hands on this book during my first semester of college studying Ancient Philosophy. During the class I was introduced to Plato's work and had to study particular sections within the book. I always had a love for Greek mythology but I never thought that I would enjoy and grow such an appreciation for philosophy. For this review I am going to break down each dialogue down to make it easier to understand and for it to be less chaotic. 
Euthyphro: Socrates encounters Euthyphro outside the court of Athen's seeing as how Meletus is accusing Socrates of corrupting the young and for not …

The Organic Pharmacy: Lip & Eye cream (Review)

Product summary: A superb, nourishing, dual action cream for both lips and eyes. It reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. While also reducing the appearance of fine lines. Plus it hydrates dry lips. The cream is infused with shea butter, bilberry, evening primrose, rosehip and frankincense to keep the eye and lip area plump and moist. This small item with 10 ml of product is priced at $48. 
***Did not find anything on their website about it being cruelty free and there was no symbol on the package that it was cruelty free. I'm counting this as not cruelty free 👎***

I used this cream for a couple of months to see if there would be a noticeable difference and if the effects are long lasting. As seen in the photos, there was an improvement regarding my dark circles but nothing extreme. The most noticeable difference was that my fine lines were less harsh. They did seem softer and at least those were reduced because there ain't no bigger pain in applying conceale…

The Announcement By: Michael J. Gajda (Book Review)

(((I received this book to review but it will in no way influence my review and rating)))
Summary: You drive down a road for the hundredth time and notice a house you've never noticed before. You look at a picture and never saw that green spot before. You pick veggies or fruit and think you've cleared the area, then go back and see all the ones you missed. It's all in your point of view. There's a new perspective, a different angle - and you see things differently. And that's where The Announcement comes in. It provides that different point of view, that new perspective, that different angle, and does so with a purpose, It's for anyone who would like to see the world be a better place, but will challenge your ideas of what ""better"" is. And when you're done, and have had a chance to absorb The Announcement, think of others who would hate this book. Then give it to them and cajole, bribe, beg or whatever you have to do to get them to re…

Ouija: Origin Of Evil (Movie Review)

(((((Please be warned there are spoilers)))))
Movie Summary: In 1960's California, a fake medium's daughter tries to communicate with her late father through a Ouija board, but unleashes a demon instead. This movie is the prequel of the movie Ouija which I have already reviewed. The review for the movie Ouija is here.
In the movie we are introduced to the Zander family. The widowed mother Alice and her two daughters Paulina and Doris. Due to losing her husband, Alice becomes the sole provider for her family and to earn some sort of income she performs séances to help her clients get closure from their passed loved ones. She makes money off of scamming people and she uses both her daughters to do it. Personally, I think it's really fucked up to exploit someone's pain and grief to make a few quick bucks. But using her own logic, through deceit she is able to provide some sort of comfort and closure.
It does not take too long for Alice to incorporate the popular board ga…

L'Oreal Paris: True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation in N2 (Classic Ivory) Review

Product Summary:
This liquid foundation is infused in an innovative sponge that delivers the perfect amount of makeup. The luminous refreshing formula provides sheer to medium coverage.Tap a little for a fresh natural glow, tap on more to build a new level of luminous coverage. Formulated with precise match technology to match the skin's tone and undertone. It is safe for sensitive skin and does not clog pores. Price varies around $20.

***Not Cruelty Free 👎***
First off, I hate the sponge applicator included with this foundation. The applicator started ripping and it doesn't allow you enough control to evenly apply the foundation and have a nice finish. The application is patchy at best with the sponge provided. You are better off using a foundation brush and gradually building the coverage you want. 

The foundation feels light and comfortable on the skin but even though I got this shade in Classic Ivory it oxidizes with an orange tint so it leaves me having to set my entire…

Captain Marvel (Review)

((((Please be warned there will be spoilers))))
Movie Summary: Captain Marvel is an extraterrestrial Kree warrior who finds herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between her people and the Skrulls. Living on Earth in 1995, she keeps having recurring memories of another life as U.S. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. With help from Nick Fury, Captain Marvel tries to uncover the secrets of her past while harnessing her special superpowers to end the war with the evil Skrulls.
The visuals for the opening scene was great and it was captivating up until you realize there was no monologue included. And all the smaller scenes afterwards were just random and chaotic. I understand that Vers aka Carol's mind is chaotic due to the lack of memories but just because the protagonist has a chaotic mind doesn't mean the viewers should have one as well. Personally, I think we should've had Vers/Carol doing a monologue in the opening scene, along the lines of "I am a war…

Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away! Shine Minimizing Cleanser (Review)

Product Summary: Formulated with Kaolin clay and infused with the essence of honey suckle and white tea; this cleanser removes 2x more dirt, oil and makeup compared to basic cleansers. And it reduces shine! The Koalin clay lifts away oil and impurities to help minimize shine and this cleanser is oil-free. It's also dermatologist-tested and won't clog pores. This item is priced between 20-25$.
***Cruelty-free 👍***
As the seasons change, so does my skincare needs. The warmer the weather gets the more oil I tend to produce and have on my face. Winter is when I dearly need moisturizer for my face because I dry out like crazy! So when summer decides to say hello I need to get rid of the excess oil. I tend to get oil in my t-zone (middle of forehead, nose area and the surrounding cheek area close to the nose) and around my hairline. 
What I like about this product is that it removes any oil you have without completely stripping your face of moisture. A lot of cleansers tend to com…

Flower Beauty: Double Take Eye Marker & Creme Shadow In Steel A Kiss (Review)

Product Summary: -Two popular Flower Beauty formulas in one package -Expertly apply non-creasing-creamy eyeshadow formula with ease -Felt-tip eye marker allows precision and control for flawless eye liner application -Creme eyeshadow formulated with a moisturizing complex to help sooth and protect delicate skin (Unfortunately, I was not able to find a price for this product)
***Cruelty Free*** 
Regarding the eyeliner; it is long lasting and pigmented. It will last throughout the whole day but it is not waterproof and if you do touch your eyeliner it will easily be removed. So, avoid using this when it's raining and don't think you'll still look cute after crying because you will resemble a raccoon. 
I usually don't use chubby eyeliner's so it did take some practice to successfully do a winged liner. But once you do get used to this liner it becomes pretty easy to apply. The one thing I do have to remark is that both the liner and creamy eyeshadow smell like medici…

Captain America: The First Avenger (Review)

((((Please be advised there are spoilers))))
Movie Summary: Steve Rogers; a weak, sickly young man eager to enlist is repeatedly rejected from the war until a scientist recruits him and transforms him into Captain America. However, it comes at a price when he has to take down a war monger and a terrorist organization.   
Opening Scene:  Agents of some kind from Washington are brought in and are inspecting what looks to be an aircraft that was trapped in ice and within it they find Captain America's shield. I had goosebumps watching that scene. 
Only with a short few scenes into the movie we can clearly identify all the important qualities that makes up Steve Rogers; respect, honour, humility and has the determination to help out his country as much as he can even if he has to lie to get in the army. 
I'm usually not enamored by characters but Steve Rogers is something else altogether. He is smart, selfless and has such a kind heart. Not many soldiers would throw themselves on…

True Blood | Season 1 Episode 12: You'll Be The Death Of Me

(((Please be advised there are spoilers)))
It is quite eerie seeing Drew aka Rene acting suspicious and seeing his demeanor change right before our eyes. What is stranger is a church is interested in a murderer and helping fund his defense. Granted Jason isn't the murderer but it is strange for a church to have a vested interest. But Rene is such a sneak. Cutting cables in Sookie's car to finally get her alone. Everything is finally falling into place when it comes to Rene. Arlene's kids find his video tapes and Sam connects Rene's scent to the killer's. At the end of the day it was Sookie who saved herself and killed Rene/Drew with a shovel. I love that we had both Sam and Bill on the ground unable to help but Sookie was the hero instead of the damsel in distress. 
It did feel a bit anti-climactic with how easily Rene got bested by Sookie. Granted for all his other victims he had the element of surprise. I think for him being the antagonist for an entire season, …

Capitola Watches (Review)

For this review I am going to share with you a new company I am a influencer/ brand ambassador for; Capitola Watches! One of the main reasons why I decided to become an ambassador for Capitola watches is because they use recycled materials and contribute to a well known organization.

They use recycled stainless steel for every watch they make because this material contains valuable raw elements that are reused in the production process of their watches, reducing waste. For their leather collection, all the straps are made of synthetic recycled leather. They do this because leather is also responsible for all the environmental destruction caused by the meat industry as well as the pollution caused by its tanning. A percentage of the benefits coming from the leather collection is donated to WWF, a well-known organization that helps to protect wildlife and nature.

Who wouldn't want to be an ambassador for a company who is trying to help the environment and donating to a great organi…

True Blood | Season 1 Episode 11: To Love Is To Bury (Review)

(((Please be advised there are spoilers!))))
Bill is getting on my last damn nerve. His self-righteous and better than thou attitude towards his own kind is getting tiring. Imagine being a powerful creature but only weeping and reminiscing of the olden days. What a waste immortality is on our poor Mr. Compton. 
I do have to say I am not a squeamish but damn vampire remains are fucking disgusting. Let's be honest, you don't really know someone till you are cleaning up the mess of a dead body with them. Morbid sense of humour, eh? I really am happy that Jason is finally getting a grip with the whole Amy situation because he was going down a rabbit hole. It's crazy to me how Amy is able to rationalize everything. It's sad to lose Amy because it is leading Jason down a worse path than when she was alive. I understand he is devastated of losing her but for him to take responsibility for her death is sad. 
Terry Bellefleur is a mood and a half! "I can't listen to P…

Luxie Beauty: Makeup Brushes (Review)

For this review, I am going to review Luxie brushes but instead of them being from one collection, they are from various Luxie brush collections and vary from face to eye brushes. All the brushes were sent to me in Ipsy bags and seeing as how I've had a Ipsy subscription for a few years, I've gotten quite a bit of Luxie brushes. I'm just grouping all of them in one big review. For more on Ipsy, please feel free to visit their website right here. All of the Luxie brushes are handcrafted using hypoallergenic, high quality, vegan and cruelty-free materials. Please keep in mind the prices listed are in American dollars.

******Cruelty free 👍👍*****
Product Summary: (Brushes are in order in the pictures below) 
1. Luxie Dream Catcher precision foundation 660  This large traditional foundation brush paired with a foundation will leave an air brushed finish. Priced $23
2. Luxie Rose-Gold Blush Face Brush 514  This mid-sized brush can be used to evenly apply blush for a rosy comp…

Insidious: The Last Key (Movie Review)

Movie Summary: Parapsychologist Elise Rainier receives a disturbing phone call from a man who's house is haunted. The disturbing part? His address; 413 Apple Tree Lane in Five Keys, New, Mexico. The home where Elise grew up as a child. With her investigative partners, Elise travels to the Five Keys to confront and destroy her greatest fear. The demon that she accidentally set free years earlier. 
Opening Scene: We start off right away with a flashback of Elise as a child where she grew up in New Mexico, Five Keys penitentiary in 1953. We get a little of the jump scares and get an insight to young Elise's childhood, Her mother was caring and understanding. Her father was a harsh man who rules the household with an iron fist. When punishing Elise, she finds herself in the basement and unfortunately gets in contact with a demon with keys as fingertips who causes the death of her mother. 
Returning back to her childhood house, you can see just how troubled Elise is because nothin…

Nourish Organic: Pure Hydrating Organic Argan Face Serum With Apricot + Rose Hip (Review)

Product Summary:
This serum deeply hydrates, replenishes skin, brightens and revitalizes the complexion. It regenerates the skin to reduce signs of stress and fatigue. It smooths texture and helps even out tone. Moroccan argan oil hydrates and replenishes. The apricot kernel oil restores and softens. While the rose hip oil smooths the skin texture. The full sized product costs $24.99.
I received this product in a Ipsy bag. I love Ipsy because I always get introduced to new products and companies. You can visit Ipsy's website by clicking here.
*******Cruelty free 👍********
I quickly see a change in my skin after just one use. The day after I used it, I noticed my skin felt significantly softer and more supple. When you first apply it, it does feel like any regular oil but then when you massage it into your skin it settles on your face like a primer would. 
I do appreciate the scent. You can definitely smell the apricot and this serum reminds me of cake batter. I love that this s…