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True Blood Season 1 Episode 2 The First Taste (Review)

This episode was quite interesting. You would think with being a telepath she could of heard that someone wanted to harm her, right? Why didn't Sookie just go to her car and went home? She had to be curious of what? I don't know nor do I have a clue. But then Bill strangely is there to help save her? Something doesn't seem right here. He was late to there meeting but wouldn't someone who has lived forever would be on time? Definitely, something sketchy about this guy. Throughout Sookie's beating I was praying that the dog wouldn't get shot. Also, was it actually Sookie who tossed Mack across the parking lot or was it actually Bill's doing?

I already know what vampire blood does to a human so why didn't he say when she drank his blood that she would feel attracted to him? Unless that is exactly what he wants her to feel. Already from the start I didn't like this guy now I don't like him even more if that is possible. And he licks her forehead has …

True Blood Season 1 Episode 1 Strange Love (Review)

The first episode opening up for the next seven seasons of True Blood this is basically setting the time and atmosphere to which the audience will be viewing and also to get us familiar with. I'm really kind of happy to see how cute and innocent Sookie is because you would think with the ability she has, she would be less prone to getting taken advantage of or even less trusting of others. That's just my opinion on the matter. And I have to say that since it is filmed in Louisiana and they do have the accents, I can say that I finally know where I love getting my southern accent from.

If I had the same mind-reading ability as Sookie I'd be busting out laughing every freaking second and be losing my shit with the non-stop inappropriate thoughts about me. Damn! Then I would need to learn to have more patience.  
Honestly, and I might get a few haters out of saying this but am I the only one who finds Bill unattractive? As a vampire you'd think they could find a better l…

Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier By Alinka Rutkowska (Book Review)

(((I received this book to review but it will not affect my rating)))

This is awkward for me because this is a children's book and I have no idea how to even review one. So here goes nothing.
The book itself wasn't very long as most are not. And the title of said book is exactly describing what the story is like. So both Maya and Filippo are on a cruise ship with their parents and they went to visit a glacier. I know this is a children's book and nothing in one should be alarming because we must trust each other and love one another but as a big sister this was pretty alarming for me. 
Both kids want to get off the cruise ship to site see and visit the glacier however, they leave with a tour guide who just for your information is an older man and the parents are ok with it. But do you realize that it was just the kids and the man? I'm an adult and even my own mom would never let me leave by myself with a tour guide. Kinda sketchy if you think about it. 
And second bizarre …

Are Beauty Subscriptions Worth It?

We have all heard of various beauty subscriptions saying that we can get amazing and worthwhile beauty products every month for a certain amount of money. Now I didn't go and order from every beauty subscription but I did subscribe to one. Which one? Ipsy!

I know everyone is a bit skeptical of ordering things online and not even truly knowing what you will be receiving or what it is even worth. And I get that! Heck I've been thinking that way too. But I heard great reviews from various personal friends of mine saying that they loved it and I went ahead and signed up at Ipsy. It toke me a while to get off the wait list but when my package arrived I truly was excited. 
For my package from Ipsy I had to pay $14.95 because I live in Canada. Wasn't thrilled to hear I had to pay more but still with everything I received I can't complain. 
In total I received 5 different products:
•Briogeo: Rosarco Milk™ Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray-$25C for full sized products

Persuasion By Jane Austen: Book Review

((((Will contain spoilers)))

If you have read one of my earlier book reviews then you will see a reoccurring theme. This is the second novel from Jane Austen that I will be reviewing and if you were wondering why. Well I am or was taking an English class entitled Jane Austen: Her world. I'm saying I had this class because today was my last official English class for the semester. Yay! And now I have one day left then I officially finished my semester and on summer break! Woot woot. Sorry so onto the review! 
This story still holds the same themes as the other novel Pride and Prejudice. Some of the same themes used is money, marriage, gender roles and love. The novel follows Anne Elliot who is one of three daughters. The other two being Elizabeth and Mary. She had lost her mother since a very young age and had a father Sir Walter who is not exactly the ideal father for his main concerns are about appearances, titles, and being wealthy. However, Sir Walter has no money to speak of.…