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Ipsy July 2015 Glam Bag (First Impression)

So for July's glam bag the theme is Summer Lovin'. Anyone else immediately thinking about Grease's song  Summer day's?
If you guys don't know Ipsy is a subscription service where every month you get a makeup bag filled with sample/deluxe/full sized products from various companies. For all of you guys in the States it costs only $10.00 while us folks here in Canada, once you convert it to Canadian dollars it costs around $20.00. Quite frankly, I've only had this subscription service for 3 months and already I love it. Yes, I did not like last month's bag you can click here if you want to read my first impression. But at the end of the day I am getting products that are of a higher value than the actual amount I paid for the subscription. Who can be upset with that?  If you want to subscribe to Ipsy you can click here
My overall impression of the bag is that there are a bunch of different high end products that I know I will absolutely fall in love with. I do b…

Buxom Dealer's Choice: Hold the line Eyeliner and Full-Bodied Lip Gloss(Review)

So I`m back with a review on some Buxom makeup products. These are the first Buxom products that I own and I'm actually proud of that. I got this a long time ago when I visited Sephora which is the most beautiful mystical land in the entire world! And I'm not even joking. Now onto the reviews!!!!!

Mini Hold the Line Waterproof eyeliner (Call Me): So first off I am writing about the eyeliner and to be honest with all of you it's not the worst eyeliner I've ever owned/worn but it's not the best either. Not by a long shot. It's kind of one of those in between. It did have some nice pigmentation and was creamy enough that I didn't feel that I was ripping off my eyelid. However, what I did not like which I'm pretty sure all of us don't like is that it smudged quite a bit. Not too much that I started to look like a raccoon but enough that it bothered me. So yes I am happy with this product I just wish it would have been smudge proof.

Full Bodied LipGlos…

Ipsy June Glam Bag (First Impression)

Hey guys,
So I received my June Glam Blag a few weeks ago and I thought that I should share with all of you my first impression on the products. . You might see some excitement on my face, you may not. And of course I had to add a photo, it is right below. And for the month of June the theme was Swim into Beauty.
My overall impression of everything that I received is that I wasn't satisfied with what I got. Granted most of the products I received are from brands that I have never tried before but still last month`s glam bag was better. If you guys want to check it out, you can click here for it. Also, I have to pay $20 Canadian for my Ipsy bag since I'm in Canada which is why I was disappointed with the products because they were all sample/deluxe sized. If you want to subscribe to Ipsy or want to check it out you can click here.
June Glam bag: For this month I didn't really like the makeup bag because it didn't really fit with the theme. It was black and neon orange for t…

Sophie's World: The history of Philosophy By: Jostein Gaarder (BookReview)

This story takes place in a village in Norway. The story follows the protagonist fourteen year old Sophie Amundsen. Sophie finds two questions in the mailbox. "Who are you?" And "Where does the world come from?" Both of these questions lead Sophie on a philosophical journey of a lifetime. 
What I liked about this story was that it included everything that you would need to know before entering college; religion, history, philosophy, psychology, and all the incredible minds that we are currently studying (more specifically I'm studying). 
I found this book was really helpful in understanding some of the greatest philosophers to have ever lived.  If I would have read this book before starting college all the classes that I had such as; English, ancient philosophy, medieval civilizations, intro to psychology, and critical thinking would have been a lot easier.  
The characters were believable and at one point in this story there is supposedly a mirrored world whi…

The Dimitrakos Proposition By: Lynne Graham (Book Review)

***I received this book to review and I am not being compensated. These are my own thoughts and opinions.******
This story takes place in the city of London and follows Acheron Dimitrakos who is a Greek (obviously) billionaire business tycoon and has a playboy streak. We are also introduced to Tabby Glover a spirited, strong willed, independent woman who does not take any crap from nobody. My kind of gal if you ask me. 
Both Acheron and Tabby need something from each other. Tabby needs billionaire Acheron to support her adoption claim to Amber, Acheron's cousin's small child. Acheron suggests after much deliberation; marriage to make all of Tabby's problems disappear. But what Tabby doesn't know is that he will be benefitting from the marriage as well. Instead of losing 50% of his company to his father's wife and step children, Acheron will have to find a wife before the end of the year. They both get on each other's nerves but somehow make the arrangement wor…

Garnier Clean Refreshing Remover (Review)

I bought this Garnier product on the go because I had no more makeup remover wipes. WHAT???? Yeah I know, I, Amanda had no more makeup remover wipes. And I'm still shocked when I think about it. I was at the grocery store that conveniently had a cosmetics section similar to Walmart. I needed to buy some wipes but since I was far from where I buy my usual wipes I thought why not try different ones? So I bought them thinking that I would like. I have other Garnier beauty products that I absolutely love so why not try their makeup remover wipes? 
***Not Cruelty-free👎***
See I thought I was being logical with this purchase but boy was I wrong. I hate them. I absolutely hate them!!!! I HATE THEM!!!!!!!! The first thing I hate about them and I didn't realize how off the combination would be; is the smell. Think about it; peppermint and grape extract? Who thought in their right minds that this combination would be good? Maybe they weren't in their right mind. 
Second thing I do…