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True Blood: Season 1 Episode 6 Cold Ground (Episode Review)

((((((This review contains spoilers.))))))
Adele Stackhouse is dead and of course Sookie is in shock but damn everyone keeps on bugging her. Can everyone just let the poor girl grieve? Of course Sam and Bill have to seize each other up. My question is why does Bill think he knows Sookie so well? Dude, you've known her maybe a week tops. Or has he known her for a week as he would like everyone to believe? I don't understand how Sookie was able to clean up the kitchen after her grandmother was murdered in it. It's a shame that Adele died she was such a gentle spirit. 
Jason is just slowly deteriorating beyond belief. Addicted to vampire blood, suspected of several murders and now hitting his own sister. Thank God for Tara and Lafayette because they are amazing friends. They are funny and caring I wish they were my friends. 
Sookie yelling and cursing at everyone during the funeral just made me laugh so much. I would react the same way if not worse had I been able to read mi…

Underworld: Blood Wars (Movie Review)

(((((((There will be spoilers)))))))

Death dealer Selene must fight both the Lycan clan and the vampire faction that betrayed her from brutal attacks. Joining her as allies are David and his father Thomas, while she embarks on a quest to end the eternal war between both races even if it means sacrificing herself in the process.

I like the opening scene. We got flashbacks and feel like there is no gap between movies. It feels like we're dropped right back into where the last movie ended. Essentially, there is a fluidity between the beginning of this film and the last one.

It seems that time does not help a vampire's acting ability. When Semira was with the other council members deciding their own fate you could easily tell that she wanted Selene badly. In my head while I was watching this scene I thought to myself "Is she serious right now?" Bad acting skills indeed for Semira. But good acting skills to the actress playing Semira.

I knew something was fishy …