Inside Out Movie Review (2015)

Inside Out is an animated movie by Pixar. The movie follows a young pre-teen girl named Riley who up until a certain point lived in Michigan with her family. Her father, however, received a job opportunity which causes Riley and her family to move to San Francisco. In the movie, Riley and everyone else has 5 primary emotions such as; joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust that are located in headquarters or better known as Riley's mind. These 5 emotions influence and help Riley with her everyday life. The 5 emotions are in charge of collecting and storing her memories such as her core memories which are the most important crucial memories in Riley's life. These core memories make up important islands such as; family island, hockey island, friendship island, goofball island and honesty island.

 Unfortunately, after Riley arrived to San Francisco and tried to incorporate her into her new environment joy and sadness disappear from headquarters. Right away we see an imbalance of emotions with just anger, fear and disgust in charge. Now it is up to joy and sadness to work together to make it back to headquarters before anything drastic can happen to Riley.

This movie was definitely intriguing in the sense that it had such an awesome and different way of describing and explaining all the different changes that happens to a young pre-teen. From the moment that Riley is born she has joy with her and we can see as the audience that joy is the emotion in charge at head-quarters. That demonstrates that young children (not all of them) know the emotion joy.

What I did find interesting was when we had an insight of the parents emotions and I noticed that for the mother sadness was in charge and for the father anger was in charge, In my psychology courses we are taught that women around the same age as Riley's mother tend to become overwhelmed with sadness and become depressed. While with men, they have a hard time of opening up and expressing their emotions that they tend to bottle everything up until they lash out in an angry manner. So I found that really interesting when seeing those two emotions in charge of the parents.

I wish this movie was around when I was a kid. This movie gives children a great insight on the different changes that occurs in a child's life while also demonstrating that you don't need to be happy all the time. Emotions such as sadness and anger can help develop and shape us as individuals. And that not all memories are happy. Core memories can be happy with some anger, disgust, fear etc. The movie also shows that we have to embrace all of our emotions to develop and grow.

Now to the rating!!!
I am going to give this movie 5 stars on 5. The movie itself was great but the fact that there it allows us to learn about ourselves in a fun way is damn freaking awesome. I highly recommend everyone of all ages to watch this movie. It's awesome, funny and is great to show to kids. We all can learn a little bit from watching it. And it's a nice movie to watch.