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Split (Movie Review)

((((((There will be spoilers in my have been warned.))))))
Summary:  3 teenage girls are abducted by a man with a diagnosed 23 personalities. The girls must try and escape before the frightful and dominant 24th personality takes control and wreaks havoc on them all.
I'm sorry but these girls survival instincts are total garbage. Are you seriously going to tell me that white suburban girls will freeze and not even try to escape or at least fight when someone kidnaps them? Actually, you know what not very surprising. All I know for sure is that I would be beating the motherfucker down for even attempting to kidnap me. But we can see right away the first personality introduced to the audience is a germaphobe. 
Why didn't all the girls storm him? Anyone ever heard of join forces and conquer the enemy? It's quite obvious that when "Barry" met with his psychologist that he was sizing her up. Evidently, a different personality was pretending to be "Ba…