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Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Rambutan (Review)

Damn Guys! Back at it with another review! LOL I hope y'all got the reference :P

I bought a lip kit at +Sephora that contained a Bite beauty Lush fruit lip gloss in Rambutan. I have a mini version of the lip gloss which you can see a picture of below. A full sized lip gloss retails for $25 which if you ask me is a lot for a lipgloss but then again I find everything expensive. Bite Beauty is exclusive to Sephora so you can find them only there.

This lush lip gloss is 99% natural and is made with real fruit. I laugh every time I see claims stating that they are made with 'real' fruit/meat/etc. Why do they need to say real? Did they think we would mistake the ingredients as fake fruit? Seeing as how natural the lip gloss is, it is not toxic if digested.

 It is the first time I ever bought anything from Bite beauty and I was excited to try them out. Rambutan when watched looks like a peachy nude color. As you can see in the picture below.

Rambutan on my lips looks more like a…

trèstique Mini Eye Shadow Crayon: in Venetian Gold (Review)

Hey everyone! Here I am with my review on +trèStiQue's eye shadow crayon in Venetian Gold. I did receive a mini version of the original in my Ipsy glam bag quite a few months back.

The full sized version costs $26 while the one that I have is worth about $10 or so. Really expensive if you ask me. It states to last 12 hours and that it is petro chemical free and cruelty free. I'm going to be honest the first time I saw it I thought that the cap was missing. I was thinking to myself (WTF is this?!) But then I realized it was actually a cap. So my dumb moment ended quite quickly.

I find these very practical to have if you're rushing to do your makeup. Put some on the lid, a bit of eyeliner and mascara. Boom done your eye look.

Below you can see the swatch of the shadow crayon. I absolutely love the color! It is definitely an Amanda color. I do really love the pigmentation but I don't like shadow sticks that twist up. I hated the fact that it was a twist up even more when…

Reptile Halloween Makeup Tutorial (Step-by-step)

Hello everyone! So here is my first Halloween makeup tutorial. I am super happy with how this look came out and hopefully so do all of you. I am keeping this tutorial as simple as possible. So some of the items you will need are:
Fishnet Stockings (Super Important) You can find some at a dollar store. Black eye shadow (different shades of black) and green eye shadow (shimmery bright green is preferable)Black eyeliner liquid gold/bronze luminizer  Step 1:
First off, you have to prime your face. So go ahead and use your primer. Next use a liquid luminizer. As you can see below I am using Hard Candy's glamazon bronze luminizer and I am just putting it all over my face. I am doing this as the base of the reptile look because once we start working on the scales the iridescence of the luminizer is going to come through.

Step 2:  Take your black eyeliner and apply it on your water line and all over the lid. I didn't use any specific one just what I could find. I added the liner becaus…

Ipsy Glam Bag November 2015 (First Impression)

Hey everyone! So here I am with my first impression of the November glam bag that I am running behind on. So Ipsy is a beauty subscription service that for $10 a month or for us Canadians $14.95 American you can receive 4-5 beauty products that range from samples to full sized products. If you guys want to check it out you can click here. Plus it is a great way to discover new products and companies.

So this month's theme is beauty blast. I don't really know what that means but I can only assume that it relates to the galaxy/space. I'm not really feeling this theme but the colors and aura connected to it is pretty cool.

Crown Brush (C 412 Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush): Super stoked that I got this brush in this month's bag. I love crease/blending brushes so the fact that I got one makes me really happy. This brush retails for $12.38 but Crown Brush always have things on sale. The bristles feel really soft but the first time I saw the brish my first thought was that it f…