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The Organic Pharmacy: Lip & Eye cream (Review)

Product summary: A superb, nourishing, dual action cream for both lips and eyes. It reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. While also reducing the appearance of fine lines. Plus it hydrates dry lips. The cream is infused with shea butter, bilberry, evening primrose, rosehip and frankincense to keep the eye and lip area plump and moist. This small item with 10 ml of product is priced at $48. 
***Did not find anything on their website about it being cruelty free and there was no symbol on the package that it was cruelty free. I'm counting this as not cruelty free 👎***

I used this cream for a couple of months to see if there would be a noticeable difference and if the effects are long lasting. As seen in the photos, there was an improvement regarding my dark circles but nothing extreme. The most noticeable difference was that my fine lines were less harsh. They did seem softer and at least those were reduced because there ain't no bigger pain in applying conceale…