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A Quiet Place (Movie Review)

(((There will be spoilers within this review. You have been forewarned.)))
Summary:  If they hear you, they hunt you. The Abbott family are in the midst of a post-attacked world where creatures that have insurmountable hearing abilities which causes this family to stay quiet to stay alive. One little peep and they could lose their life.
I don't know why when I quickly watched the trailer on Facebook I thought this movie was about a house that was possessed and if they spoke the demon would come out. Not going to lie, I thought my original impression of what the movie was compared to what it is was a heck of a lot better. Within the first five minutes of the movie my movie companion kindly reminded me that this movie actually contained creatures and not demons. 
When we are first introduced to the Abbott family they are searching through a grocery store for supplies and right away we see the little routine they put in place; not wearing shoes, picking things up carefully and using…