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NYC: Expert Last Lip Color +10 shades (Review)

These expert last lipsticks are moisturizing, comfortable and long wearing to last up to 6 hours. These lipsticks are meant to have a velvety and glamorous finish that doesn't feather or bleed. These lipsticks cost around $2 a piece. I do have 11 shades out of a possible 20 shades from the collection. From the picture on the left it does have a simple plastic packaging. And the picture on the right is a swatch of all 11 lipsticks. From top to bottom there is (402) Red Flame, (415) Brandy Sparkle, (417) Flirty, (418) Sugar Plum, (437) Modern Love, (438) Candy Rush, (439) L❤ve My Latte, (440) Creamy Caramel, (440) Coralista, (446) Smooch and (447) Forever Fuchsia. 
All the lipsticks have a very nice and pleasant scent plus they watch very nicely as you can see from the picture above, I find that each lipstick shade is unique in a sense but that some are in the same color family. Of course those of us who are into art and makeup are going to be able to tell the difference between al…

The Office (T.V Show Review)

(((((((If you have yet to see the office (you really should) there will be spoilers in this review)))))))
Summary: This mockumentary follows the lives of office employees in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a branch of Dunder-Mifflin paper company. Throughout all nine seasons, there is drama, friendships being made and destroyed, relationships being formed and a heck of a lot more drama. Oh, and lots comedy.  
Now where to start? I guess from the beginning. I'm what you would call a late The Office bloomer. It hasn't been until the past year or so that I watched the Office (thanks to netflix) from start to finish. I guess what really pushed me towards watching the show was seeing all these memes on it. And coming across different videos of the show on my social media. Coming across these short clips they definitely did catch my attention in the humour department. So once I came across the show on Netflix I pressed play and was hooked from the first episode. 
It is crazy to think how l…