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Saving money on makeup

I don't know about any of you but trying to buy makeup without breaking the piggy bank isn't as difficult as some people may think. Besides, if you really want to save money it ain't that difficult. Then again I am talking from experience.

 There is nothing wrong with buying drugstore. I don't have hundreds of dollars to be spending on makeup. Maybe when I am older but not now. From CoverGirl to Physicians Formula I can manage on buying a good amount of products for a fraction of the price. And here are some tips to help you do the same! 
Tip#1 Compare prices:
Before buying any type of makeup product wait and compare the prices at different drug stores. See sometimes depending the area a makeup product will be valued at a different price. And it can almost be two dollars a difference. 
Tip#2 Wait for sales/promotions:
Every week I receive flyers at my house and one thing I like to do is see the promotions that some stores have. A lot of drugstores in my area anyway ha…