True Blood | Season 1 Episode 12: You'll Be The Death Of Me

(((Please be advised there are spoilers)))

It is quite eerie seeing Drew aka Rene acting suspicious and seeing his demeanor change right before our eyes. What is stranger is a church is interested in a murderer and helping fund his defense. Granted Jason isn't the murderer but it is strange for a church to have a vested interest. But Rene is such a sneak. Cutting cables in Sookie's car to finally get her alone. Everything is finally falling into place when it comes to Rene. Arlene's kids find his video tapes and Sam connects Rene's scent to the killer's. At the end of the day it was Sookie who saved herself and killed Rene/Drew with a shovel. I love that we had both Sam and Bill on the ground unable to help but Sookie was the hero instead of the damsel in distress. 

It did feel a bit anti-climactic with how easily Rene got bested by Sookie. Granted for all his other victims he had the element of surprise. I think for him being the antagonist for an entire season, his death should have been a tad bit more exciting. 

After burning to a crisp in the middle of the day trying to foolishly save Sookie, Bill is still alive. Insert eye-roll! I do have to give him credit because he tried saving her with all odds against him. It seems that Sookie and Bill are back together but how will their dynamics shift once Sookie finds out about Jessica?

Maryann is definitely not human and we can clearly connect that she was the naked woman with the big ass fat pig. She evidently is aware that Same is a shifter plus Sam seems to hold animosity towards her. They might have known each other in the past? Let's see what she brings in season 2! I'm just not ecstatic that Tara is stuck in the middle. 

But of course we are ending season 1 with a huge cliffhanger! Who is that person in Andy's car? We did previously see something going after Lafayette but I truly hope it's not him who is dead.   

If you would like to watch this episode then click on the link down below. 


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