Insidious: The Last Key (Movie Review)

Movie Summary:
Parapsychologist Elise Rainier receives a disturbing phone call from a man who's house is haunted. The disturbing part? His address; 413 Apple Tree Lane in Five Keys, New, Mexico. The home where Elise grew up as a child. With her investigative partners, Elise travels to the Five Keys to confront and destroy her greatest fear. The demon that she accidentally set free years earlier. 

Opening Scene:
We start off right away with a flashback of Elise as a child where she grew up in New Mexico, Five Keys penitentiary in 1953. We get a little of the jump scares and get an insight to young Elise's childhood, Her mother was caring and understanding. Her father was a harsh man who rules the household with an iron fist. When punishing Elise, she finds herself in the basement and unfortunately gets in contact with a demon with keys as fingertips who causes the death of her mother. 

Returning back to her childhood house, you can see just how troubled Elise is because nothing much really changed. Most of the furniture is still intact and she even managed to find her brother's whistle that was gifted to him by their mother. Unfortunately, it gets taken away by a spirit that resides in the house. 

The spirit that took away the whistle is a spirit that Elise has seen before in the past. This leads to another flashback where she see's the spirit and ultimately angers her father. Instead of taking another beating, Elise at the tender age of 16 leaves the house and doesn't return now. The house itself still holds memories or pain, torment and physical reminders of Elise's abuse as a child. 

She does finally see her brother after all these years but Christian still holds resentment towards Elise and wanted nothing to do with her. However, she does finally meet both of her nieces she didn't know existed, one of which welcomed Elise with open arms. both Melissa and Imogen demonstrate similar traits as Elise. Melissa for example embodies more of Elise's optimistic and brighter traits such as; kindness, that trusting feeling that Elise instills in others. While Imogen has more of the darker aspects such as keeping to herself and having the same ability as Elise. 

After both Melissa and Elise get stuck in the Further due to KeyFace keeping them chained. It's u to Imogen to go and rescue them from the demon. I do love this change in which this can lead to possibly more Insidious movies. Elise did die but this can be the way of passing on the torch onto Imogen. In the ending of Insidious 2 we do see the spirit of Elise as well as her sidekicks still trying to help those inflicted with demonic troubles. Maybe we can have future movies with spirit Elise and Imogen with the sidekicks fighting demons and saving people. That would be something I'd be very interested in seeing and I'm pretty sure many more of us would be.

I find it ironic how Elise was asked to come help get rid of a ghost tormenting Mr. Garza but instead she discovers a woman chained like an animal in a secret room. It really goes to show that evil is not only found in demons but in humans as well. Of course, we find out it was a demon pulling all the strings but it still drives home that humans are capable of doing atrocious acts.

I have a true appreciation on how the demon was defeated. Elise after all these years of carrying guilt and feeling as her mother's death was her fault finally re-unites with her mother. As soon as she blew the whistle her mother came as promised to scare and fight away any evil tormenting her children. I know that the way KeyFace was defeated was extremely cheesy but it hits home emotionally that a mother's love was able to overcome evil. It's heart-warming for Elise to finally let go of all her guilt and pain that she has had to carry.

I am going to give this movie 4 stars on 5. The only reason why I am not going to give this movie a perfect rating is because seeing as how it is a Insidious movie we all expected more jump scares and horrors. I completely understand that this movie was created to enlighten the audience on Elise's background but whoever wrote this script should have kept in mind what has made this franchise so successful is the fact that these movies scare the shit out of us. I expected to be more scared and have more terror. But otherwise, I loved that we did get an insight on Elise's background and how she has become the woman that we have been used to seeing. 


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