Flower Beauty: Double Take Eye Marker & Creme Shadow In Steel A Kiss (Review)

Product Summary:
-Two popular Flower Beauty formulas in one package
-Expertly apply non-creasing-creamy eyeshadow formula with ease
-Felt-tip eye marker allows precision and control for flawless eye liner application
-Creme eyeshadow formulated with a moisturizing complex to help sooth and protect delicate skin
(Unfortunately, I was not able to find a price for this product)

***Cruelty Free*** 

Regarding the eyeliner; it is long lasting and pigmented. It will last throughout the whole day but it is not waterproof and if you do touch your eyeliner it will easily be removed. So, avoid using this when it's raining and don't think you'll still look cute after crying because you will resemble a raccoon. 

I usually don't use chubby eyeliner's so it did take some practice to successfully do a winged liner. But once you do get used to this liner it becomes pretty easy to apply. The one thing I do have to remark is that both the liner and creamy eyeshadow smell like medicine. I don't know if it is meant to smell like that or if it's expired? The products are not separating and I haven't had it for too long. Either way, I'll still keep using it.                                                                                                          

In the packing, the creme eyeshadow appears dark grey with flecks of glitter. Even when I swatch it on my hand it appears dark grey. However, when you apply it on the eye it appears more like a dark blue. It dries quickly so you need to work fast and not be a chatty Kathy because once it dries it does not budge! I greatly appreciate that you can easily build up the intensity of the eyeshadow. It gives you the opportunity to stick to what you are comfortable with and it doesn't shock you with color overload. 

If you tend to have oily eyelids, I highly recommend in priming and setting your lids or else the shadow will crease. I love how easily you can put together an eye look without too much effort put into it. It's easy to use and when applying these products on my eyes the only thing I needed was blue eyeshadow in the crease to add definition and dimension. 

I am going to give the Flower Beauty: Double Take eye marker and creme shadow 4.5 stars on 5. Yes this product didn't leave much room for complaints but I am not a fan of the smell and one thing that is quite bothersome is the fact that the liner is not super durable. It doesn't claim to be which I completely understand but nowadays lots of companies are making liners that last quite a long time on the eyes and are not so easily removed by a swipe of a finger. Otherwise, I really enjoyed testing and reviewing this product.

Unfortunately, it seems this item is no longer available. But if you wanted to check out more from Flower Beauty you can click here.


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