True Blood | Season 1 Episode 10: I Don't Wanna Know (Review)

(((There will be spoilers)))

I so freaking called it! Sam is a shape-shifter or preferably a shifter. But the best part of the opening scene is Sookie running into the bathroom, hiding in the shower and grabbing the loofah as a weapon. Can she be anymore of a dumb blonde cliché? Same tells Sookie that werewolves are nasty creatures and that there is so much more out there. Of course, there would be more supernatural creatures! If there are vampires there's bound to be more in the True Blood Universe. I just find Sookie so annoying that she is acting all overwhelmed and angry at Same when she herself is so different with her telepathy. 

Tara went and got an exorcism in the middle of the woods for $800. She ended up throwing up a lot and killing an invisible demon that looked like a child version of herself. There are two possible reasons why this happened. Either she was actually possessed by a demon which in the episode we found out about the werewolves and shifters so who knows if demons are real? Or this entire thing is a big fucking scam. Like come on! Technology allows demons to travel? Sure, kay.
At least Tara feels better cause I'd be feeling like shit spending $800 to have what looks like an acid trip in the woods. But of course it was all a lie from Miss Jeanette. Unfortunately, this leads to Tara becoming her mother in the sense of abusing alcohol when she finds out that Miss Jeanette and everything she said was a lie. Abusing alcohol the same way that her mother and driving while still drinking just demonstrates her falling into the rabbit hole. But can we quickly talk about the naked lady and the pig just randomly standing in the road? How strange!

Amy's and Jason's relationship is slowly down spiraling. There is an uncomfortable energy between both of them since Amy discovered the empty Tru blood bottles that Jason fed to Eddie. Amy is trying to manipulate Jason and the entire situation. But Jason is becoming increasingly aware of what Amy is trying to pull. He's grown attached to Eddie and realized how wrong it is to keep him captive. And of course as soon as Jason tries to release Eddie, Amy stakes him. Poor Jason. You have to feel bad for him, everyone keeps dying around him. 

Which leads me right back to Sookie. During Arlene's engagement party poor Sookie almost gets caught by Bon Temps serial killer while trying to get ice. Obviously, it had to be someone from the party. But the question is who? It has to be someone who despises vampires and vampire sympathizers. At least Sookie was able to see into the killer's mind and sees another woman who was strangled but wasn't someone we were introduced to. Hopefully, it's a lead to the killer's identity. 

I think the worst thing of all in this entire episode is Bill being judged for his crime of killing a vampire aka LongShadow. In exchange for his transgression, Bill had to turn a human into a vampire to replace the vampire life that was lost.

All in all, this was a hectic episode! For the True Blood: Episode Review Guide click here.

If you would like to watch this episode you can click on the link down below. 


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