True Blood: Season 1 Episode 5 Sparks Fly (Episode Review)

((((There are spoilers))))

Getting right into the episode the rift between Sookie and Bill is quite understandable. Just knowing him and being associated with him has brought on a lot of change and danger. To Sookie all this change is disruptive to the little and simple life she has created for herself. At the same time such change might be what Sookie needs to finally thrive and live. But with him? Hell no!

Jason is dumber than a bag of rocks. Doing V yet again? That is just asking for trouble to happen. And that trouble is him hallucinating. It's incredible how smooth he can be while high but isn't he forgetting Dawn fairly quickly?

Bill sneakily listening in on everyone, how not shocking! Bill is quite something when he's got his Southern charm on full blast. However, when you see the truth of what is Bill Compton there is not much that he can do to deter our eyes from what he really is; manipulative, cold and a vampire. I do find it interesting that he can cry blood. I'm definitely intrigued on the physiology of vampires.

I just love how extra and awesome Lafayette is. I truly appreciate that Lafayette is not a victim in a state that has such issues against race and sexuality. But instead he is a strong and independent individual. 

Maybe it's just me but I just don't see the sexual enjoyment of having sex in and surrounding trash, Of course Jason couldn't keep it in his pants. It's crazy but hear me out. To what mind reading is to Sookie is what Sex is to Jason, right? Every single episode he is having sex with one woman or another. 

Now focusing on Sam. I don't understand how he could let his anger get out of hand. What an idiot! Here he finally had a chance to finally have something with Sookie and he had to go and screw it up. What a fool. But anger is a deadly sin to which Sam was a victim to. It's sad because I could see him and Sookie having a future together. 

I'm not very fond towards Bill and his flashbacks. I understand how difficult times were during the civil war and I like that we were able to get a short glimpse that far back but I've got a feeling that Bill inherited some of his sinister behavior from his maker. It's great for us to see the whole vampire making process but I got nauseous with all the consumption of blood. 

And bam! Another death to finish off the episode. It's was Adele Stackhouse aka Gran. I really liked her and she had such a understanding nature to her that I doubt there is anyone that could replace her. But like I have previously mentioned, Sookie has had nothing but trouble trailblazing her since meeting Bill. I just hope she makes the right choice concerning Bill.

That's all for this episode. For the True Blood: Episode Review Guide click here. Let me know what y'all thought.