True Blood: Season 1 Episode 4 Escape From Dragon House (Episode Review)

(((There will be spoilers, obviously.)))

Jason is just the epitome of stupid. Dawn is dead and after having an altercation with her, he has to come back the morning after? I don't know about y'all but if someone shoots a gun at me (it's never happened) I wouldn't come back with flowers then get super pissy throwing said flowers around. And Sookie! I understand she was your friend but don't touch things at a murder scene. 

I don't know whether I should laugh or just get pissed off at everyone but we have a murdered woman and everyone is not even focusing on the importance of it all. Andy is mad because people don't call him detective, the coroner is focusing on Dawn's breasts and everyone outside want to know all the gossipy details. What. The Fuck! Where is everyone's priorities? 

Jason being the idiot that he is drinks the whole vial of vampire blood. Boy does he not listen to people. But here is what's bothering me. Jason isn't being charged with anything yet he gets put in handcuffs. It goes to show that once the dynamics of a town is disrupted people tend to try to solve whatever issue as quickly as possible so everything can get back to normal. 

It's funny how Sam has the keys to Dawn's place on his person.The way Sam spoke about vampires and the way he was emoting it seems he has had an experience with vampires personally. But for real Tara is just fantastic, smart, beautiful and has a mouth on her! 

It's amusing and not at the same time that Sookie has no sense of self-preservation. Poor child is going to be in a world of hurt. 

Fangtasia looks like a corny version of what a vampire bar would look like. At least we've got some good looking vampires to ogle at. Bill looked so upset when Sookie noticed Eric. LOL jealousy ain't a good look for Bill. Did anyone else realize that if Sookie would have kept her mouth shut about the bar raid that the outcome would still been the same? Eric and Pam would have managed a way out of the situation. 

Here is some bad casting for all of you. Young Jason when we saw Tara's memory from when she and Jason were young had blue eyes. I know it's a stupid detail to fix on but yet it bothers me. The Jason that we are accustomed to has brown eyes such as Sookie does. I just like when everything flows seamlessly. 

Now finally drawing my attention to the last scene of this episode which I truly find intriguing. Sam sniffing all around Dawn's bed like a dog would. Except when our dogs do it it's a lot more cute but with Sam doing it? Yeah just uncomfortable to watch really but that gives us an insight that he might (he's not) not be human. Barking in his sleep, sniffing Dawn's bed and his personal disdain for vampires; everything is starting to come together. 

So that's it for this episode review. Let me know what you thought of this episode. Are y'all happy in seeing Eric? Serious eye candy, right? Don't forget to subscribe for more reviews :)

If you would like to watch this episode you can click on the link down below.


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