Illamasqua: Precision Ink in Abyss (Review)

I originally got my hands on this liquid eyeliner from Ipsy a beauty subscription service that mails 5 beauty products every month. I truly recommend in giving them a try I've gotten products from such amazing companies and I cannot get enough of it. Check them out here. 

This liquid liner is long-lasting and waterproof which is perfect to use anywhere on the face and the body. It contain's a fine tip that allows for a defined application. It also allows you to create intricate sharp lines and the waterproof formula makes it stay on until you wish otherwise. This liquid eye liner costs around $37. For more info on this product check out Illamasqua's website here.

*****Cruelty Free 👍*****

On the first try of using this liner I definitely messed up my liner, not so badly though! But it did take some getting used to because I usually use a regular eyeliner brush instead of a fine tip. The brush does pick up a good amount of product, however, you do need to dip in the container a few times to do one eye. I love how you can either create very fine lines for the inner corner or you can do thicker lines for the wing. 

Another thing I really love is how pigmented this liquid liner is. I don't have to go over the same area twice when it comes to the pigmentation and I think a lot of us can really appreciate that. I truly adore that my eyeliner lasts all day. The whole day y'all! It does not smudge, drip or flake. It's fantastic!

However, when applying it if the fine tip touches my lashes the formula will somehow clump them together. It's extremely hard to brush them apart and it's really not convenient when my lashes already aren't very long. No one needs nor wants clumped lashes. 

Another issue I have with this liner is that it's super messy and is difficult to remove with makeup remover wipes. I literally had raccoon eyes. But using coconut oil definitely helps to remove eyeliner without the raccoon eyes. When using the oil it will get messy but it's easily removable. 

I am going to give Illamasqua's precision ink eyeliner in Abyss 4.5 stars on 5. You guys can obviously see why I absolutely love this liquid liner, however, the reason why I'm not giving it a five star rating is because it unfortunately clumps my lashes and I had to find alternatives to remove my eyeliner at the end of the day. But come on! That's nothing compared to how amazing my eyeliner has been looking thanks to this liner.