Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Movie Review)

(((((There will be spoilers)))))))

Immediately following the end of Retribution, Humanity is on its last legs of survival. It is up to Alice and her allies to come together and finally put an end to Umbrella. Alice returns to where it all started; The Hive in Raccoon City. 

Here is one issue that I am having with the story line right off the bat with this movie. The origin of the T-virus came up but in this movie it is stated that it was created by Dr. James Marcus, however, in the second movie Resident Evil: Apocalypse the T-virus was created by Doctor Ashford for his daughter Angie. So which one is it? Dr. Marcus that created it or Dr. Ashford? Plus this movie never went back to Dr. Ashford so now we have an inconsistency within the film and I hate inconsistencies in movies. Then we find out that it was actually Dr. Issacs who has full control of Umbrella since the beginning. That definitely was a plot twist. Especially, since Alice killed Dr. Issacs in a previous movie which we find out was actually a clone and not the original. 

Another issue I have is why would it only be stated now that the T-Virus was used to help with diseases for many individuals? We were aware that Angie Ashford was using the T-Virus with the Anti-virus. But that it was used as a medical practice? Information as such shouldn't be revealed until the last movie. 

I really didn't like the beginning scenes of the movie. It's confusing, unappealing and it's not put together correctly. I believe that if we were given a flashback about what happened when everyone arrived at D.C instead of being told that Wesker tricked everyone. That would have been a great way to hook the audience in instead of just throwing a bunch of action scenes together. 

And now the Red Queen wants to help humanity? I feel someone had a lapse in judgement when this script was put together. Why throughout all 5 movies the Red Queen tries to kill everyone and now she doesn't want to? See? It doesn't make any sense. 

Dr. Issacs deliberately released the virus to restart civilization and to cleanse the world. And the Red Queen after seeing such plans her programming couldn't allow her to harm Umbrella employees but she is programmed to save human lives. That doesn't really make sense especially since it's been her mission to kill humanity off. 

Oh. My. God. So predictable who in the group of survivors was the traitor. It was Doc. I guess since I'm a writer that I can easily see where a story line will lead. Doc being the traitor made the most sense especially since he was involved with Claire and we as an audience are emotionally invested in her. 

Now here is a plot twist that was kind of shocking but yet not so much. Alice is actually a clone! And the original was actually Alicia Marcus. But here's the issue I have if Alice is a clone, how come in the third movie Umbrella had trouble re-creating another clone like Alice? Plus we were already introduced to such concepts as clones so Alice being a clone herself is not so far fetched. 

The ending was quite a lackluster one. Where it should have finished off with a bang and epilogue of the whole franchise it ended with very little thought. This movie should have ended at least with us having a glimpse into the future and the re-building of humanity. 

I hate this movie so fucking much. I've never hated a movie as much as I've hated this one. I started watching the Resident Evil movies when I was a kid and my expectations were quite high but with the track record of the previous movies I wasn't worried. But THIS? Who the hell approved this project? I am beyond disappointed and let down. 

I am going to give Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 0 stars on five, What? Zero stars? Yup. This movie was just a disappointment and truly shocking (not in a good way). This franchise had such a good momentum leading up to the final movie and it's just appalling as a writer and as a fan to witness such lack of care or lack of thought that was put into this project. The story held such great promise to end with a great finish and instead we were given garbage. I think the next time I watch this franchise (I'll skip out on watching this movie). 

Let me know what y'all thought? Am I being too harsh or am I right?