Buxom Dealer's Choice: Hold the line Eyeliner and Full-Bodied Lip Gloss(Review)

So I`m back with a review on some Buxom makeup products. These are the first Buxom products that I own and I'm actually proud of that. I got this a long time ago when I visited Sephora which is the most beautiful mystical land in the entire world! And I'm not even joking. Now onto the reviews!!!!!

Mini Hold the Line Waterproof eyeliner (Call Me):

So first off I am writing about the eyeliner and to be honest with all of you it's not the worst eyeliner I've ever owned/worn but it's not the best either. Not by a long shot. It's kind of one of those in between. It did have some nice pigmentation and was creamy enough that I didn't feel that I was ripping off my eyelid. However, what I did not like which I'm pretty sure all of us don't like is that it smudged quite a bit. Not too much that I started to look like a raccoon but enough that it bothered me. So yes I am happy with this product I just wish it would have been smudge proof.

Full Bodied LipGloss (Yoo-Hoo):

What I absolutely loved about this lip gloss is the lip color! This color Yoo-Hoo which is amazing to say (try it) is the perfect nude color for me. It makes my lips look bigger but also fuller. But the problem I have with this beautiful coloured lip gloss is that it clumps! (insert tears) I'm not even exaggerating. I can only wear this gloss for just a few hours and then when I go to re-apply it after I wipe the clumps off it doesn't look the same and it feels gross. When I have this gloss on I can't drink any liquids including water or eat or else the clumping will occur. I don't know if maybe it's the formula that does this or maybe it's just me but can you guys let me know of your experiences with these lip glosses? 

Overall, the set itself is alright but what I am happy about is that it didn't cost me an arm and a leg to afford these products. It shows on the picture below how much I paid. Basically I spent $13 Canadian to own this set which if you think about it it's not that bad but still. If you want my opinion on this just pass these products and don't waste your money on them. Especially when they are expensive.

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