Sophie's World: The history of Philosophy By: Jostein Gaarder (BookReview)

This story takes place in a village in Norway. The story follows the protagonist fourteen year old Sophie Amundsen. Sophie finds two questions in the mailbox. "Who are you?" And "Where does the world come from?" Both of these questions lead Sophie on a philosophical journey of a lifetime. 

What I liked about this story was that it included everything that you would need to know before entering college; religion, history, philosophy, psychology, and all the incredible minds that we are currently studying (more specifically I'm studying). 

I found this book was really helpful in understanding some of the greatest philosophers to have ever lived.  If I would have read this book before starting college all the classes that I had such as; English, ancient philosophy, medieval civilizations, intro to psychology, and critical thinking would have been a lot easier.  

The characters were believable and at one point in this story there is supposedly a mirrored world which that alone really blew my mind. 

"Human Knowledge is ever so expanding" this is my favorite quote in the whole book. Because it is so true, we are always learning new things everyday and adding on to what our ancestors have discovered. 

It definitely was boring at one point in the book, In fact it toke forever for me to finish it. At first I couldn't put the book down and the first half was excellent. However, as soon as the whole idea of there being another world came into the picture everything started to become confusing. 

I completely hated the ending! It didn't make any sense plus it didn't actually close off the story. My guess would be that the ending is left open for interpretation. But still, it would have been nice to actually have the ending explained to the reader. 

I'm giving this book 3 out of 5 stars. Yes it was educational and interesting but only to a certain degree. It was confusing and boring at times. 

Hoped you guys liked this review.

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