Montana Homecoming By: Eve Gaddy (Book Review)

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(There will be spoilers in this review)

This anthology contains 5 stories by 5 different authors. Each story and the anthology itself is centered around Montana. But more specifically around the town of Marietta. Apparently, Marietta is a magical western, amazing, where love can be found town with an amazing community. Personally, I doubt that this 'magical' town is as amazing and magical as the authors make it out to be but I am open to their suggestions of said town. For this review I will write a summary for each story then review each story the same way. So let's get started!


Long Way Home by Kathleen O'Brien 
Abby Foster plans to do what she pleases after having domineering men control her life. This includes a weekend fling, no strings attached with Joe Carlyle who happened to have had his heart broken by Abby over eight years ago. Joe doesn't want a weekend fling, he wants forever with Abby but is that what Abby wants too? 

Hometown Hero by Dani Collins 
Both Chase Goodwin and Skye Wolcott wanted their happily ever after. She wanted to stay in her hometown of Marietta and he wanted to get away from his past poverty. After her marriage scandal occurred in Marietta, Chase comes back to help his brother and both see each other feeling the old chemistry from high school. Skye has to decide if she is able to keep up with his fact paced world or if Marietta is where she wants to stay. 

Sing Me Back Home by Eve Gaddy 
Dr. Jack Gallagher hasn't been serious about a woman in a long time and Maya Parrish, the girl who broke his heart is back in town. But both now have daughters and the sparks between both are brighter than ever. Can their passionate affair last or perish? 

Home For Good by Terri Reed
Joelle Winslow needs the cash from her share of the family ranch pronto if she wants to buy her dream. But Matt Locke doesn't want to. Being in Marietta Joelle realizes just how much she has missed her old hometown and Matt. The question is; will Joelle stay in Marietta or will she move away and follow her dream?

Finding Home by Roxanne Snopek
Samara Davis has never had it easy and with a rough upbringing she wants nothing but the best for her daughter. Now she's back in Marietta and sees Logan Stafford, her old boyfriend from high school. A lot has happened since their time together in high school. Can they find happiness together?

Thoughts and Review:

Long Way Home by Kathleen O'Brien
Essentially, Abby came back to Marietta to have sex with Joe which to me is not a very exceptional start of a story. I didn't really enjoy this story very much. I felt like the passion and sexual tension was forced and it wasn't natural in the story. I felt like the author was really pushing the sexual frustration and passion. Honestly, I didn't enjoy this story very much. I'm not opposed to sex but at the same time let's not over do it.

Hometown Hero by +Dani Collins Author
Now this story, this one had a good amount of context to it. For two characters to connect on a profound level, it is up to the writer to write in enough context for us the readers to believe in it. And Dani Collins did just that. Additionally, I liked that this story was realistic. By that I mean that the whole professional athlete having a fast-paced life with a 'normal' woman and the challenges that face the couples relationship does actually happen. Maybe less so today but yet this actually does occur. I really liked this story and fortified my belief in love (yes, I can be sappy)

Sing Me Back Home by +Eve Gaddy Author
Yet again another story that I enjoyed. Yes, this story did contain quite a bit of sex but I feel as if the author inter-woven both Jack's and Maya's characters in such a way so that the excessive amounts of sex wasn't overshadowing their relationship and the story itself. Even though both Jack and Maya had their challenges I'm happy that they were happy to find love with each other.

Home For Good by Terri Reed
This story didn't sit well with me either. See both Matt and Joelle somewhat grew up together just like siblings. So the prospect of both falling in love seems strange to me. I felt like this relationship happened more accidentally and wasn't very believable. For two individuals who couldn't stand each other growing somehow ending up with each other? This sounds more of a book/movie angle and not very tasteful. I don't know about all of you but looking back at the people I grew up with (aka school mates) I sure as hell don't have random moments of attraction for those people. That angle was just too damn weird for me.

Finding Home by Roxanne Snopek
By far this story was the best for me. I really connected to the character of Samara and her story/upbringing. By that I mean I connected with her because of the challenges that she has faced. Life wasn't fair to her but after becoming a widow the idea of even finding love again isn't really there. I was really happy with the ending but I just wish the author could have written more for the conclusion. Otherwise, I'm really happy with it.

I am going to give this anthology 3 stars on 5. I did like 3 out of the 5 stories but the two I didn't like (I REALLY didn't like). Maybe it's just me but I am getting sick and tired of typical romances. I feel like if you read one romance novel, then you've read them all. Granted I haven't published anything yet but I just find it a shame that authors continue to write the same unrealistic romance stories. Of course not every romance novel has to be realistic. But when every single one is the same unrealistic over processed love story then yeah I get bored with that novel/story quite quickly. Otherwise, not bad for a Montana anthology.

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