Microsoft Deleted All My Emails (((User's Beware!!!)))

I, like millions of other people around the world have an email account. It seems year after year we rely more on email than ever before. And why shouldn't we rely on email accounts? We get to receive important emails such as; bills, subscription letters, emails from friends and family, business emails and we even get to save a bunch of pictures and important documents. Seems like a Godsend, right? Heck, I thought so too!

Now before I go into great detail about this post let me give you a bit of context on the situation at hand. I first got a Hotmail account I would like to say about 10 years ago. So, I do have quite a bit of experience on how to manage and use a Hotmail account. With as many years as I've had this account, I've acquired quite a few emails. I've used this email account for school (High school, College and now University), subscriptions letters, work, for my blog, contacting authors + companies and the list goes on. I had at least 10-12 pages of emails in my inbox. So I'm estimating that I had at least 500 emails. With all the emails I receive everyday and managing all my other email accounts I didn't exactly have time to organize all my emails. And who does have the time for it anyway? Especially, with our 24/7 society.

Long story short, +Microsoft deleted all my emails in my inbox. Nope, what you just read was correct. Microsoft deleted ALL my emails. All those emails from my inbox were gone from one day to the next. As you can imagine yours truly definitely lost her mind. I was beyond scared and was worried sick. The first thing I did was check my delete folder. And none of my emails were there. Heck, I even did the whole recover deleted emails but it didn't work. And that's because I didn't delete them. Even with being in my worst state of mind due to stress and fatigue I would never "accidentally" delete all my emails.

I first contacted Microsoft immediately hoping that they could help me recover and explain to me why this occurred. Granted that email account was free but I am a paying customer nonetheless by purchasing Microsoft products. You would think that me being a customer they would try their best to help resolve this issue, right? If you thought that they would have helped me resolve this issue then you and I were both in the wrong.

After two weeks of non-stop communication through email and phone calls I still don't have this issue resolved. And I was told by their team that nothing could be done to help fix this issue. After two weeks of communication with Microsoft's team and the last email that I got from them was that they hoped that I was happy with the customer service I received. IS THAT A FUCKING JOKE???? No Microsoft, I'm not fucking happy with your shitty customer service.

Guys all my emails from authors, publication companies, beauty companies, information that I gather for my blog directly from companies whenever I need information clarified and even eBooks sent to me by authors to review are ALL gone. Plus my graduation pictures from College are gone as well. Granted I do have the hard copies of my graduation pictures but I wanted to save the online copies of them just in case anything happened to the hard copy ones.
*******If you are an author that sent me an ebook and have yet to receive a review from me then it is because I lost the links and documents you've sent me. I am incredibly sorry.***********

What really frustrates me to no end is that their team had excuses upon excuses about what "might" of happened.

  • I accidentally deleted all my emails (we already established that I did no such thing)
  • My account was in-active (Umm no I use it practically every other day)
  • My account was accessed by a different IP address (I've used a desktop and my laptop to access my account and this has never happened before)
  • My account supposedly wasn't checking off the right options when it came to connected devices and apps with POP (Nope not true all the options checked were exactly where they should be)
  • Change of Servers (Anyone smelling bullshit?)
As you can see the list of excuses goes on and on. And I know for a fact I am not the only one that has had something similar occur. My only saving grace in all of this is that I did have some backups of the emails on my I-Phone but unfortunately, I did not have ALL my emails on there. I'm assuming since the emails were on an Apple device Microsoft couldn't delete those emails as well. I tried my absolute best to copy past those emails and save them on a gmail account. But the strange part was I couldn't forward them to another email account. All in all this whole situation is beyond strange, frustrating and disgusting.

If any of you have a Hotmail/Outlook account go check on it immediately to see if all your emails are where they should be. I would hate for it to happen to more individuals. After this troubling experience I created a gmail account and transferred all my subscription and contact email to that gmail account. Obviously, someone on Microsoft's team screwed up and no one wants to take ownership of the problem nor do they want to fix it.

Plus the worst part of it all was that the person I was on the phone with told me that since it has been over 14 days since all my emails were "deleted" that they couldn't be recovered. Microsoft's customer service team obviously did this on purpose just so when that excuse would come up I would take it lying down. Well guess what? I'm not accepting that bullshit excuse. This has been the worst customer service experience I have had thus far in my life. I am not happy at all but I am going to take everything in stride and remind myself of this occurrence the next time I'm thinking of purchasing a Microsoft product.

I hope this has shed light on the situation I've been dealing with the past few weeks and why I haven't been posting a lot as of late. Also to all of Microsoft's users keep in mind what has occurred to me can very well occur to you... If it hasn't already.

Leave a comment letting me know if something similar has occurred to you.


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