Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in Copper Pink (Review)

For today I am reviewing +MAKE UP FOR EVER's Rouge artist natural moisturizing soft shine lipstick in N.9 Copper Pink (wow isn't that a mouthful. Imagine saying that three times straight)

As you can see below I have a mini sample of the lipstick which I find totally cute. I got mine for free at +Sephora it was a happy birthday freebie. The full size is shockingly (but not really shockingly because it's Makeup Forever) worth $20. It smells so goooood! No exaggeration on my part I can guarantee you that. It is vanilla scented but gosh I can smell this lipstick for hours on end.

This lipstick is meant to keep the lips hydrated after 8 hours of applying it. Weirdly enough the name of the lipstick is not on the lipstick, all it had was N.9 on it. So just found that strange. For more information on this lipstick you can click here.

I do have to say that I love the formula. It feels very creamy and moisturizing. The lipstick does wear off after a few hours, the color does fade but the moisture doesn't. I have naturally pigmented lips so this particular lipstick adds just a bit of color to my lips.It doesn't really compliment my lips very nicely and I don't understand why. I am quite pale (lol really pale) but it doesn't add much color to my lips. 

The lipstick looks more like a nude lip gone wrong. Like it's not the right shade for a nude lip. I am a huge fan but the color just wasn't for me. Maybe if I tried a different color than I could really commit and fall in love (LOL). Otherwise everything else was really great. Plus it didn't wear off in tiny chunks or my lips peeling off. That is definitely an important factor for any lip products that I wear. 

Now onto the rating!!! I am going to give this lipstick 4 stars on 5. I love the formula and how moisturizing it is for the lips. The color wasn't for me but if I did find the right one then I could give it a perfect rating. 

***(Make Up For Ever tests on animals 👎)***

If you would like to try this item you can click on the link down below.


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