Christmas Reflections By: Joanne Jaytanie (Book Review)

I received this book for review. I am in no way, shape or form being compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

One thing I wanted to say is that Joanne was just so sweet she left me a little note inside the novel. She wrote for me to immerse myself in the spirit of the holidays, Awe I was gushing when I read that note. That was just too darn sweet.

This story is about Juliette Swanson that left her home town of Glenville, Washington and moved to the big city to go to college and work her way up the corporate ladder. She decided to move back home and she fell in love with the family feel and the close knit group of girlfriends she shares everything with. The Schwartz Christmas tree farm house has been put up for sale as well as the ski resort. Juliet and her friends bought the farm house and renovated it so they can all start their own businesses. However, Colton Weatherly a city corporate guy comes into town trying to acquire the ski resort and the tree farm for his company. He thought he could complete his acquisition in one weekend but what he didn't plan was butting heads with our little Swan. (I hope you guys got the pun)

This novel is fairly short and is themed around Christmas but nonetheless it was a good read. For me, I need to read a romance novel every couple months. It keeps the romantic in me alive. I liked that the author first established the relationship that Juliette has with her friends, town, and her home before introducing Colton. I find that a lot of authors tend to forget to build and establish the protagonists life and relationships before introducing their love interest. Even though, this was a short read the author definitely help create the ambiance and setting for the start.

My pet peeve is back again. Unfortunately, there were grammatical mistakes that should have not been there. The relationship between Juliette and Colton was not given enough time to build into something meaningful. There was some meta-fiction involved. Meaning that the author referenced the title of the novel in the story. I love when authors can successfully do that. Plus I actually finished reading this novel in one day.

Now onto the rating! I am going to give this novel 3.5 stars on 5. It was a nice Christmas romance novel but the grammatical errors and the lack of time for Juliette and Colton's relationship to thrive is why I'm giving this novel 3.5 stars. Nonetheless, it's still a good novel.