Angel of Death By: Eamonn Hickson (Book Review)

((((((Disclaimer))))) I received this book to review and I am not being compensated. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own. 
(((May Contain Spoilers)))

So I received this book years ago to review (I know I know that was horrible of me to wait that long to read) to be fair I have been quite busy for the past few years. However, I can finally say that I finished reading this novel. 

This story follows the life of Emily Dunhurst who since a young age has been seeing otherworldly creatures in the dark. Being tormented by creatures that she can only see her family ships her off to a mental institution. Finally released from the institution Emily who is in her twenties tries to catch up on lost time with her family. Her grandmother falls ill and what she sees at her grandma's bedside takes her off guard. Who she sees is the Angel of Death. How are you supposed to stop the Angel of Death from taking your family away from you?

The book also follows Angel Azrael AKA Angel of Death. You follow him through his transformation of becoming an Angel to becoming the Angel of Death. And his long fought battle to tip the scales on the side of good and Heaven's army. 

Even though this novel toke me a long time to read I do have to say that I really enjoyed it. I loved that the author incorporated different aspects of Christianity such as Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael, heaven, God, souls and countless more. I felt that he emphasized that there are good and bad people that determines whether they should go to heaven or hell. 

In Christianity, Hell is not a place you want to be and I like that the author depicted it as well as he did. I really don't like that today's society humanizes demons and Satan. Hell is not a place that people should want to be in or think that isn't scary. When reading the parts that Angel Azrael visited Hell I truly felt that level of intensity and fear that Hell itself evokes in me. This novel actually gave me the shivers to the top that I couldn't read this at night anymore. 

There were some grammatical errors and I'm pointing it out because it is a huge pet peeve of mine. At times I did have to push myself to read it but the ending totally blew me away. I was so shocked by the ending that finding out that this novel was it disappointed me. If anything this book deserves a sequel. The ending obviously involves both Emily and the Angel of Death. 

I am definitely recommending all of you to read this book because you to will be shocked by its ending. My favourite line in the book was "The Angel of Death is the last to die." I don't know why but it resonated with me.  

I am going to rate this book now. So rating this on 5 stars I am going to give it 3.5 stars. Yes I did really love all the different aspects of this novel but it was slow at times and I had to push myself to read it. I wish I could rate it higher but the fact I'm left hanging with this one novel and no sequel coming out is outrageous. 


  1. Amanda,

    Thank you very much for the review, I really appreciate it. Angel of Death Part 2 is in the pipeline, but it'll be some time yet.

    Your lovely comments have made my week.

    Chat soon,


  2. Hi Eamonn,
    That`s great to hear. It may be some time before the sequel comes out but nonetheless I promise to be the first person to read it! It`s great to hear that I brightened your week.

    Keep up the good work,


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