Jurassic World: Movie Review

((((((May contain spoilers)))))))))))

If you guys don't know about the Jurassic park films then you have been living under a rock. Jurassic World is the fourth film in the series and this series is older than I am. I have been waiting forever for another film to come out and it finally did. I'm going to be honest it surpassed all my expectations. 

Jurassic World the amusement park was created after the first park was a complete bust and the new one is actually in the same area as the original one. The park has all these different herbivores and carnivores. But after years of the park running they need a bigger, better, jaw dropping attraction. And that's what they got. I'm sure that those who spent the day at Jurassic world will leave with a memorable impression. 

Can I just say as a child I always wanted to go to Jurassic Park. As a kid I absolutely loved dinosaurs and would read so many books about them. Even did a few school projects on them. The fact that there has been progression in science and speculation that creating our own Jurassic world possible has made me happy and anxious. If we could do this, what else would we be able to do? 

Now if you saw the trailer then you know that they made a hybrid T-Rex or as they called it the Indominus Rex. Horrible name but nonetheless quite an interesting specimen. Am I the only person fascinated that these creatures actually existed? It feels almost like it is a dream. 

The whole raptors being lead by Grady was a pretty cool concept and when it was the raptors defending him against the hybrid t-Rex my heart started to swell. And I actually started crying when the raptors were being killed but one remained. And I felt the bond and love between the two.

I did have a thought that the hybrid would have been mixed in with velociraptor but snake, fish and frog? Never saw that coming. Talk about being a pea soup. 

So it toke the original t-Rex plus an aquatic dinosaur and raptors to take this bitch down. But can I just say when I saw the classic t-Rex standing tall the first thing that popped into my head was "you don't fuck with the original" 
Now onto the rating! I watched this movie three times! Do you realize how big a deal it is for me to watch a movie more than once? I'm giving this movie 10/10 stars. Nothing but a wonderful movie. And I have this distinct feeling that there will be another film because Dr. Wu left with the embryos that were the hybrids. Makes me believe that there will be another movie in the works.