X-Men: First Class (Movie Review)

(((((((Will Contain Spoilers...You have been warned)))))))

Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr were known as Professor X and Magneto, they were both two young men who first met in the 1960's during the Cold War and soon become close friends. However, as the world falls close to a nuclear war, Charles and Erik with other fellow mutants must join forces to save humanity. Unfortunately, a nuclear war won't be the only thing tearing these two friends apart.

Opening Scene-Poland 1944
This opening scene is the re-enactment of the first ever scene of X-Men (from way back in the first movie). This tells me two things. First, we the audience are being transported into the past and that this movie is a new start to the X-Men franchise while also acknowledging the previous three movies.

I found it tender seeing Charles and Raven as children. Especially, seeing how Charles as a young child had such a kind and tender heart. While also having a mother that was never present. But wouldn't someone notice a young blue girl living in this big huge empty mansion?

It's interesting to see Shaw speaking of genes and evolution when in the previous movies, Magneto would speak of the same things. No wonder Magneto is so neurotic. He is the reason for his mother's death and in retaliation he crushes two soldiers heads and has a bunch of metal objects flying around. Then again, with the same capabilities we would do the same if not worse.

I don't know how I feel about Charles getting all suave and flirty tossing around the word mutant just to get a girl in the sack. For most of my childhood I've seen professor Xavier as a grandpa and all prime and proper. So seeing him in his younger years is quite eye opening. Oh, and by the way James McAvoy is looking mighty fine as Charles Xavier. I find that he plays Charles very well.

Here is what is mind blowing to me. Emma Frost is described as a really powerful telepath and in the comics she can rival Charles Xavier. So my question is; did she know that that female spy was there? Did she choose to ignore her? (Seems unlikely) Or did the writer's not think this scene through? I find that very curious. However, after so many years I find it refreshing to finally see telepathy from a telepath's perspective (I don't think I've ever seen that before).

The movie effects in the scene where we meet Hank McCoy was just plain awful! It was obvious he had 'normal' feet when he was taking off his socks. Plus by jumping and hanging upside down the plane wouldn't have shaken that way. Heavy metal and all. How do people not catch these little details?

We actually get to see Cerebro from the very start and how it came into Charles' possession. I find it funny how Charles was so attached to his hair and we all know what will happen eventually. It's ironic if you think about it. But seeing Wolverine say "Go Fuck yourself!" to Charles and Erik was awesome! Wolverine, you are my spirit animal! Pun intended lol

For Emma being a super powerful telepath how come she couldn't tell that a Russian soldier listening in on her conversation was being controlled by Xavier? Another thing I want answered was how the heck was Erik able to crack Emma's diamond form and Xavier was able to read her mind? See, it's details like these that don't make much sense.

Shaw wanting to control the world, how not shocking. By the way his mutation being able to control energy. Yup, pretty fucking awesome. Darwin dying though, that was actually pretty freaking sad. But on a lighter note, anybody else laugh seeing Erik trying to convince Charles to shoot him? Gosh, what a riot these two are. Charles' enthusiasm for helping other mutants control their mutations is quite refreshing and funny. If only my high school teachers were like him than maybe I would have enjoyed high school.

Another funny moment was Banshee falling in the bush! Gosh, that was hilarious.But Raven flirting with Hank is just painful and awkward. But what a bromance Charles and Erik had! Is it weird that I see sexual tension between these two?

I don't understand Hank. He has a freaking complex with his feet but yet no one looks at each other's feet anyway. And saying to Raven's face that she is only beautiful when she is hiding is a bunch of horse shit. There is such a beauty in her uniqueness that it's a shame Hank can't see it.

I can finally see why Raven becomes so devoted and loyal to Erik. He taught her how to love and embrace who she truly is. Ignore his thirst for revenge and he is prince charming. Why can't we all have an Erik Lehnsherr? I did really like that we saw Rebecca Romijn because I felt that these two different actresses playing the same role, solidified the whole idea that they are the same just that one is the older version of the other.

We finally see the X-men in their yellow spandex uniform and Hank's furry blue face. By the way Hank choking Erik? Um, I choked on a laugh, that's how funny it was! But Hank talking while being all blue was just fake. You could tell he couldn't talk with all the prosthetics.

How ironic that Erik becomes the person he hated most. It just goes to show how the ones we hate the most can shape us into who we become. It just depends on how we let them affect us. It's sad to see Charles and the rest of the mutants on the beach being divided and taking sides. I understand where both sides are coming from but it doesn't make it any easier seeing such a division among brothers. This division is just the start of a long war.

I am going to give X-Men First Class 3.5 stars on 5. All in all, it was a good movie but yet if you are a fan of X-men and have watched the previous movies then this prequel showing how it all started, is just that. A lot of what was in this movie was previously mentioned in the earlier movies. This movie to me felt too familiar. And seeing as how it went off script from the comics, who knows what's next to come. I still don't know how I feel on this whole prequel/reboot thing that they've got going on but it was the somewhat smaller details that sort of turned me off from this movie. I'm not opposed to changes but not when you're going completely off script, changing everything and going off in your own universe. I've noticed when film studios are adapting books/comics etc onto cinematic screen, the movies are more geared to mainstream consumers and less for the actual hard-core fans which is a shame. The reason why these books/comics are so popular and have a strong fan-base is because they are incredible. It sucks that the og fans have to suffer.

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