Ipsy April Glam Bag 2016 | First Impressions

(Boy am I really behind on these first impressions 😬 I promise I'll try to catch up quickly)

+ipsy is a beauty subscription service that for $10 or $20 for us Canadians a month you will receive 4-5 beauty products ranging from sample to full sizes. This is beneficial to those who want to try out different and new beauty products that you otherwise wouldn't necessarily have been able to find in drugstores. Plus the value of the the whole glam bag (all the products) you receive are higher than the $10 or $20 that you would pay. For more information on Ipsy you can click here.

For this month's glam bag the theme is Dreamers. The theme does match with the card that I received with my glam bag but yet again I don't see how the theme correlates to the products I received, unless there isn't supposed to be a connection.

1-Moroccan Oil: Treatment (The Original)
This product is meant to give you silky, shiny and healthy hair. This oil can be used for conditioning, styling and it can leave you with nourished hair. You can use it as a mask or apply it to your hair then style it. You can even apply it after washing hair and let it air dry. The amount of product I have is worth $6 which for 10 ml is a lot. Their 100 ml bottle costs $44. Ouch to the bank account. Come on! It's just oil! Granted, I am excited to try it out but I'm not excited for the price tag on it. I'm definitely sure there are cheaper alternatives. I do have to mention it has a strong but semi-pleasant scent to it.

2-Buxom: Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick in Centerfold
This is supposed to be a moisturizing lightweight and plumping matte liquid lipstick. Centerfold is described as a warn nude and the full sized liquid lipstick costs $28. While the sample size I have is worth $10.50. The liquid lipstick smells great and I do enjoy trying out liquid lipsticks but I did notice that when swatched on the back of my hand it did not completely dry matte. I'm sort of on the fence about Buxom because the first two products I've tried from them weren't great. Check here for my review on the first Buxom products I've tried.

3-Probelle: Nail Lacquer in "In or Out"
This polish supposedly has an ultra-thin formula that claims to apply evenly and to be long-lasting. The polish costs $6 and aside from being long-lasting it also has a high gloss finish. I love nail polish but I'm not too crazy about the colour. 

4-Trust Fund Beauty: That Glo Tho Highlighter
This highlighter is in a cream format and the 'glow' is build-able. You can have a subtle highlight to an all out glow! This easily blend-able formula is perfect for anyone to use. Even if you're a newbie or a pro at makeup. This full sized highlighter is worth $20. It smells nice and is creamy. Plus I'm a highlighter lover. Super happy that I got this highlighter and I can't wait to try it out.  
 5-L.A.B.² : Live and Breath Beauty | Just Blending in Brush
This eye shadow brush is meant to precisely apply and blend shadow into the crease and eyelid for a seamless finish. This brush is worth $6.99. I'm not opposed to receiving brushes because we can't ever have enough blending brushes! lol I do have to mention that the brush feels a bit heavy. 

6- April Glam Bag
I really like the colour scheme of the bag and also the fabric. Compared to the other bags I've received they've had a plastic feel to them and this one doesn't really have the same sensation. I estimate the bag itself to be worth $5. But the theme dreamers and this bag don't really match in my eyes. 

Overall Impressions:
As you all know I'm not a huge fan of these "themes" that Ipsy has. However, I'm happy with the items I received in this month's bag/ What really bothers me is that Ipsy doesn't leave a card with all the information and prices of the products in the bag. Every other subscription service has it and this one doesn't. Kind of disappointing The bag overall is worth $54.49. I don't like that the value of the bags seem to be dropping. 

 Hoped you enjoyed this month's first impressions. What did you guys receive in your bags? Any-who follow my blog and stay tuned for more💖


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