Bh Cosmetics Shimmering Bronze- 12 Brush Set (Review)

About a few months ago (maybe 2 months) I purchased a new makeup brush set from Bh Cosmetics which to be honest I have been eyeing their makeup brushes for a long time now. They sell all their items online and they are quite affordable. Plus they have 50-70% sales all the time. Even as we speak (hmm more like as I write and you read lol). I am planning on ordering some makeup products from them in the future but after I have reviewed more products from my little stash (actually huge stash).

So what I have is the 12 piece shimmering bronze brush set. Below you can see the brush holder that is just so beautiful. The main reason that I bought this set which cost me about $16-18 but its original price is $27 is because of the brush holder. So whenever I need to go on a trip/sleepover or anything of the like I'll have an easy way to travel with them. These brushes are cruelty free (yay!!!), duo fiber, synthetic bristles and they are super soft! To find the brush set you can check it out here.

Below are the first 6 brushes. So from left to right is brush 1 to 6.
1.Fan Brush: which I use for highlighting my face (Guys I LOVE highlighting. I'm all about that highlight life.) 
2.Large Powder Brush: which I use it for exactly that. 
3.Blush Brush: awe I have been obsessed with blush lately!!!!
4. Classic Foundation Brush" I don't use it at all but once I have to test out foundations for reviews then it will come in handy.
5. Large Doomed Blending Brush: I use this to set my concealer 
6.Fluffy Shader Brush: we all have a brush like this so there is nothing for me to really write about it.
Here are the last 6 brushes from left to right. Brush 7 to 12.
7. Tapered Blending brush: I love that it's thin enough for me to concentrate color in my crease.
8. Angled Flat Top Shader Brush: I actually use this to sharpen my lip lines when I wear bold lips.
9. Flat Shadow Brush: I use this for creamy eye shadows (awe been obsessed with those too.)
10. Pencil Brush: great to use to concentrate dark colours in the outer v (outer corner of the eye and beginning of the crease)
11. Angled Liner Brush: I don't really use it too much. I've been trying to use up my pencil liners.
12. Spooley Brush: we all know or have this brush. I've never used it lol. I don't do my eyebrows (not to gloat but I don't need to fill in my brows) and I don't use it for my lashes either. 
Overall rating:
I am beyond happy with the brushes that I bought. They are super soft, the case is cute and super convenient. There are some brushes that I don't really use but otherwise they are awesome! I wish that the pencil brush was a tad bit softer but I just love them. Rating these brushes out of 5 stars I am going to give them 5 stars out of 5. I highly recommend them and the fact that I got them on sale just makes them better.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this review.