How To Be A True Friend

This was definitely not an easy thing to write at all but I was asked by a reader how to be a true friend. So I decided to write a post about answering this question because I imagine this is something that we ask ourselves quite often.

Over the past few years I have gotten close to a lot of people and considered a few of those people my "best friend". But I have grown and matured quite a bit and I've realized that a friendship; a good and long lasting friendship is about more than just how you act and what you are willing to do for your friend. It is also knowing how far your friend is willing to go for you.

To cultivate a good friendship there needs to be a self-understanding and to know just exactly what kind of person you need to balance you out but also to motivate you in life and other ventures.

For me I try to distinguish just who exactly in my group of friends brings out the best in me. The one who makes me laugh, smile and enjoy my time with them. Trust me you do not want a person who feeds on fights, negativity and drama.

But balance is key in any relationship. Whether it may be with friends or lovers balance is what relationships thrive on. If you are doing something for your friend and they won't do the same for you that causes an imbalance in the relationship. Just like if your friend would tell small lies or hide things from you. If you are coming into the friendship with honesty, compassion and support then you must hold that same expectation from them. It is an equal balance of taking and giving.

Unfortunately, you will lose a lot of friendships that you thought at the time was worth while but now you realize they were a lesson to be learned. But that's life and life is all about learning, growing and understanding. Understanding that ten friendships with some not so worth while people are nothing in comparison to one friendship with someone who improves your life.

So I hope this helped in any way shape or form. And that this shed light on how to be a true friend.

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