Get Hard: Movie Review

Can I jut start off by saying that Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart together are an amazing duo? Both of these actors are funny and hilarious on their own but together they make a phenomenal team and movie!

Basically, this movie is about Will Ferrell's character getting charged with fraud and has 30 days before he has to go to prison. So, he asks Kevin Harts character to help him get him ready for prison. Funny thing is, Harts character never went to prison. 

There were a lot of stereotypes in this movie but in all honesty I don't think that anyone would get offended! The stereotypes were funny and the way the two acted together was amazing. However, what I didn't like was how predictable the ending of the movie was going to be. And I knew from the beginning who framed Will's character. 

Other than that the movie was great. I couldn't stop laughing. So, if you love comedies and you love these two actors then this is the movie for you! 

So for the rating now I give this movie 9 stars on 10 really great and hilarious but like I previously mentioned I kinda knew what the ending would be like. Nonetheless I was still entertained. 

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