Olay: Fresh Effects Clear Skin Redness&Pore Reducing Mattifier (Review)

Description of Product:
This cream is meant to instantly reduce the look of blemishes, shine and pores while also neutralizing the appearance of redness with a subtle green tint that absorbs into the skin. This is formulated with 10 complexion benefits which are meant to;

1. Diminish Oil
2. Reduce the look of redness
3. Minimize the look of breakouts
4. Prime skin for make-up
5. Decrease the look of pores
6. Smooth the skin surface
7. Mattifies the skin
8. Brighten the skin
9. Even out skin tone
10. Hydrate the skin

This swirled mattifier costs around +$10 but obviously me being me, I got it on sale for $1. For more information on Olay's swirled mattifier you can check out Olay's website here.

This summer has been hell for my skin but I normally have problems with redness and shine. When applying this cream on the skin, it feels quite refreshing. It feels like it has a tightening feel on my skin just like having a facial. I noticed that it has an orange scent to it. I also can feel my skin surface becoming smooth just like it claims to do.

I do have to say that this cream does reduce redness almost instantly but I found that when you let the cream settle on your skin that it reduces redness even more. However, the area around my nose and the beginning of my cheeks are on their own naturally red but the doesn't really reduce the redness.
Also, it doesn't really reduce blemishes at all. Big or small, I see no difference in appearance when using this cream.

Even though this is marketed as a mattifier cream I still get oily. At the end of the day and sometimes earlier I have to remove the excess oil. My face felt like an oil slick. As far as a mattifier cream; it sucks! Here is what I don't quite understand. Why is this cream a mattifier if it's also supposed to hydrate the skin? Seems like a contradiction. It would somewhat explain why this cream creates more oil on my face. Hydrating creams should be for dry skin not for oily skin. So Olay, what the heck is up with that?

***Does test on animals-Not cruelty free 👎***

I am going to give Olay's Fresh effects clear skin redness and pore reducing mattifier 1 star on 5. The reason why it has such a low rating is because the one main thing that it was marketed as was a mattifying cream and it didn't freaking do that! In fact, it made my skin even more oily, it didn't reduce the appearance of my blemishes and pores. However, it did smooth my skin, it helped with my redness (it didn't fully help) and it primed my face before applying my makeup. Otherwise, this cream sucks. No wonder it was on sale lol.

Hoped you enjoyed this review. Let me know what I should review next and follow my blog for more reviews 💖💖💖
If you want to try this product you can click on the link down below.


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