Ipsy May Glam Bag 2016 | First Impressions

+ipsy is a beauty subscription service that for $10 or $20 for us Canadians a month you will receive 4-5 beauty products ranging from sample to full sizes. This is beneficial to those who want to try out different and new beauty products that you otherwise wouldn't necessarily have been able to find in drugstores. Plus the value of the the whole glam bag (all the products) you receive are higher than the $10 or $20 that you would pay. For more information on Ipsy you can click here.

For the month of May the theme is Destination Chic which matches the card and the bag. But it doesn't really match with the month of May. Isn't travel more during June and July? Anyway, the theme never really impacts or matches the items in the bag. 

1-Pacifica: Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio
Apparently, this trio was curated for Ipsy which would explain why I can't find this item on Pacifica's website. This trio contains 3 shimmer shades that are named Skinny Dip (Copper Shade), Crush (Beige Shade) and Lovely (Brown Shade). I see that there are other trios just not this specific one so I'm assuming that this trio is worth the same as the others which is $12. I absolutely love these shades and cannot wait to try them out. 

2-NoTS: 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser
This is a gentle acne pore cleanser that helps to clear skin and restore youthfulness. Bubbles in this cleanser burst to invigorate the skin, while cleaning out pores and hydrating skin. It claims to work great on acne-prone skin and is gentle enough to use everyday. The sample that I have is worth $2.66. What the heck? Usually, the products I receive are worth a little more than just a few dollars. But I do need a product like this so I'm not overly upset. Everyone, the Montreal heat is killing my skin! My skin has just been acting out too much for my liking. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I miss Winter!

3-Glamour Dolls: Gloss Snob in Twirl
This gloss in Twirl which is described as Watermelon-Glam, apparently, is so pigmented that there is no need to wear lipstick beneath it. This also is a light-weight, full coverage lip-gloss that costs $1.99. I'm not 100% sure if what I received is the full sized tube but I'm assuming it is. Upon swatching it, I can see that it is pigmented but I'm not into tube glosses. I will give it a go and see how it turns out. Btw I'm also not a gloss kinda gal so hopefully I like. 

4-Vera Mona: Eye Smudger Brush
I couldn't find this brush on Vera Mona's website. What the fuck is going on? The only information I could find on this brush was on Ipsy's website only. Pretty freaking annoying but I'm assuming this is an Ipsy/Vera Mona brush exclusive. Or maybe it isn't even an exclusive item. This smudger brush is soft yet firm enough to deliver the final touches on the eye look you want to achieve. I'm only going on the information I have access to but I'm going to say this brush is worth $7. Hopefully, I love receiving brushes in these bags just not when I cannot find information on them. 

5-Smashbox Cosmetics: X-Rated Mascara
This triple threat brush isolates and magnifies each lash, while applying its fiber-loaded formula to achieve sky-high and defined lashes. The formula is supposedly clump, flak and smudge-proof. The sample I have is worth $.7.33. I'm not opposed to receiving mascara's so I'm happy I got it. 

6-May Glam Bag:
The bag feels really well made and I like the purple colour. I like that the inside can be easily cleaned out and it fits with the theme. I would say that this bag retails for abut $5. 

Overall First Impressions:
This glam bag was pretty freaking disappointing. The total value of the bag is $35.98 which is the lowest valued bag that I have ever received. What the fuck is going on with Ipsy? It's like their bags diminish in value every single month. I feel like these items were items that I've received already (like a sense of deja vu) I'm not overly happy with the bag because I would have at least received a high valued item. So all in all I'm disappointed in this month's bag. 

Let me know what you guys received in your bags and if you have received Ipsy bags as well. Don't forget to follow my blog for more first impressions. 💖


  1. Great post!! I don't think I'll be picking it up anytime soon...



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