The interview: movie review

First of all, this movie was EPIC!!!! Honestly, one of the funniest movies I've seen this year.

So the character of James Franco (Dave Skylark) is going to be interviewing the dictator of North Korea; Kim Jong Un. But then the CIA want Dave to take out the dictator but it didn't really end up that way.

Can I just say that this movie was beyond hilarious! I mean I was dying of laughter. With Eminem saying he was gay to Seth Rogen's character having to put a missile up his butt to keep from being found out. Yeah, it was funny from start to finish. 

Also, I found that throughout the movie James looked a lot like his younger brother Dave. I mean even their facial expressions are a like. 

I understand that the movie was not released in the states because of threats from North Korea but this movie is poking fun at a tough situation that has been preoccupying the whole world. And this was a funny movie. I loved how the movie turned out and even if it wasn't released in the states I'm happy it was released here in Canada and Seth Rogen from one Canadian to another, your movie was fantastic!!!

I think we can all appreciate Dave Skylark's transition from the ditsy over-sexualized and naive interviewer to the serious hard-hitting question interviewer. I like that this character had the room to grow and finesse his craft. I think that no one was expecting Skylark to direct the interview with Kim to the actual questions plaguing everyone's minds. We saw Kim ensnaring Dave into the lies and the facade that he was showing about how his Nation isn't starving and that he is a fair Dictator. 

However, once faced with the cold-hard truth of what North Korea's Dictator does to it's people Dave exposes Kim in the interview (some meta-fiction going on) and instead of killing him, he ruined him. Granted, Seth's character loosing his fingers was fucking hilarious I liked that it wasn't just a comedy but that it actually tackled a hard situation. 

Now onto rating this spectacular movie I'm giving it 9.5 stars on 10. Now if anyone has seen my movie reviews I barely give movies anywhere near close to a 9 but this movie was great! If you have a chance to watch this movie, watch it! You won't regret it!